Como digo em inglês: é de família (áudio)

Hello, everyone!

O podcast de hoje fala de algumas expressões idiomáticas. Ouça como dizer:

  • É de família
  • falar rapidinho com alguém
  • Pare de enrolar, de fazer rodeio

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Hi, this is Ana Luiza with a new episode of inglesonline podcast. To read the transcript for this podcast go to and type Como digo em inglês: é de família into the search box. This podcast was published on January 30, 2010.

So today I was thinking about some idioms, or idiomatic expressions that I heard or used recently. Here’s one of them: something that runs in the family. That means something that several members of a family share in common. It can be anything, really. It can be a personality trait, or a physical trait, some kind of behavior. So for example: in my case, thick hair runs in the family. My mother has thick hair, and it’s the same with me and my sister. We all have thick hair, so we say that thick hair runs in the family.

I remember when Julia Roberts, the actress, was pregnant and she announced that she was expecting twins. And I remember that she said that twins run in the family. So that means that other people in her family have had twins, maybe she has relatives who are twins… so twins run in the family.

Another expression I want to talk about is touch base. When I worked in sales, my boss would sometimes call me in the middle of the day and she would say, Ana, I just wanted to touch base with you and see how you’re doing. So for example when you call someone and say that you want to touch base with this person it means that you want to make contact, you want to talk to this person briefly, maybe to see how he or she is doing, maybe to let this person know about some change of plans, or just to make some contact.

I usually touch base with my sister via email or Skype, for example. Oh, and in case you’re curious, touch base is an expression that comes from baseball, the sport. And here’s another expression that I’ve been hearing a lot recently: beating around the bush. When someone is beating around the bush, this person is not saying things in a very direct way. This person is being indirect or vague because maybe they are afraid to say what they really think about something, or they don’t want to hurt someone else’s feelings. You will usually hear people say “Stop beating around the bush” or “Quit
beating around the bush”, which means stop being vague, you know, say what you really mean, say what you really think. So, stop beating around the bush and be direct.

So what are your examples? What runs in your family? When was the last time you asked someone, or someone asked you, to stop beating around the bush?


Key expressions:

  • It runs in the family (é de família)
  • to touch base (fazer um contato com alguém, geralmente breve, a respeito de alguma coisa)
  • beating around the bush (dando volta, fazendo rodeio, sendo indireto)



personality trait = característica de personalidade

briefly = rapidamente

be vague = ser vago


What runs in your family?


  1. Hi Ana,

    Congrats. You really did a great work here. Keep it up!


  2. Thank you Alessandro, I’m glad you enjoyed it. I had fun thinking of examples for the expressions…

  3. Joselmo says:

    That’s a really good job, I enjoyed it a lot. Congrats.

    See you soon.

  4. Danillo says:

    Hi Ana,

    You’ve been really explaining all this expressions in a great metodology. And it fell us up of self-esteem, in order we can understand and belive we can get to a fluent level.

    Best Regards!

  5. Hi Ana!

    I have been liked a lot yours podcasts!!

    In my family runs dry skin and looking younger.

    And I always asking to people to stop beating around the bush, because I don’t have much pacience! rsrsrs


  6. Great Job !
    Your pronunciation help us to uderstand.

  7. Josimar Machado. says:

    Well, blue eyes is something that definitely run in my family and I’ll be direct saying that I really enjoyed this post :]

  8. Hi everyone! I really enjoyed doing this post.

    Nanda, I think I’m like you! Sometimes people tell me I am very direct.

  9. Rosana Kubo says:

    Olá Ana,
    Adoro inglês online e suas matérias, mas estou com um grande problema: quando baixo os mp3 aparece como download concluído, mas a gravação fica pela metade. Já tentei entrar no site através do Mozilla, do Explorer, não há interrupção de linha… Acontece isso com todos os seus áudios. Será que alguém pode me ajudar?

  10. Oi Rosana, eu lembro q vc teve dificuldade no outro post. Mas isso só acontece no Inglês Online?

  11. Rosana, me manda um email e diga que audios vc quer, e eu te envio. QUanto ao q está acontecendo, I have no idea. Vou tentar descobrir – mas é só nesse site q acontece?

  12. alino53 says:

    Boa tarde Ana Luiza!
    Se eu traduzir o texto do post, pode me ajudar o meu desenvolvimento em inglês? Saliento que,minha prioridade é conversação.


  13. pienkovski says:

    Unfortunatly, in my family runs to criticize. But I fight to broke this bad habit.
    About your article, I think that it is wonderful. Congratulations.


  14. douglas says:

    it’s amazing !!! I love it and learned much more. thanks !

  15. Magnólia Alves Martins says:


  16. Diogo says:

    Hello Ana,I’m addicted to your podcasts,and I think you have a very clear and beautiful accent,thanks for your job!kisses

  17. Marcos says:

    Just as well I find this site! Here I can do more than siply pretend to learn something. Thank you, Ana Luiza!

  18. alino53, para melhorar conversação, vc tem que ouvir. Corra lá na home do site e se inscreva nas dicas Falar ingles e siga todos os passos.

    Thank you everyone pelos comentários, enjoy…

  19. edna pereira vieira says:

    oi eu estou gostando mas eu queria q podesse traduzir o texto

  20. edna pereira vieira says:

    eu preciso de un igles p quem nunca estudou o mesmo dreito

  21. Gustavo says:

    Ana Luiza you’re great!
    Marry me!

  22. Marcos says:

    Gustavo, sabe que eu tive a mesma ideia? Mas, será que ela já não é casada? Sabe como é… mulheres assim são disputadíssimas!

  23. andresacn says:

    Your job it´s amazing. I enjoy it very much. Thank you.

  24. Hingrid says:

    Gosh this site is awesome, because if you don’t realize Ana there is someone here who wants marry you!!! And in my case long eyelashes runs in my family…
    Bye guys, see ya.

  25. Fernandes says:

    Dear Ana and colleagues, I am one person who have been studying English during all my life, but, unfortunately, I don’t have fluency after all. I really appreciate your tips and new expressions above, because they are new for me. in my profession is very common to touch base with someone on technical subjects.  Living and learning.

  26. Hi. I really enjoyed it! Gr8! =)

  27. Hi everyone, thanks for commenting!

    rsrsrs you guys are hilarious!

  28. Marcos says:

    I know you have a thick hair. And I know too you have a beautifull voice. But one thing I still not know: are you married?

  29. No Marcos, I’m not married.

  30. Marcos says:

    How do I say, in natural way, “what realy good thing!”? rsrs

  31. Sandra says:

    Sua dicção é maravilhosa e os assuntos escolhidos são realmente interessantes. Adorei!  Heartiest congratulations!

  32. Sielen says:

    Hi Ana
    I lovely this site but I don’t get downloand of the podcast in relation listening(MP3).

  33. Gabriela says:

    Ainda não entendo nada !

  34. Marcos, you can say That’s great ou That’s really a good thing,

    Obrigada Sandra, aproveite mesmo!

    Sielen, te mandei email.

    Gabriela – comece com áudio mais básico…

  35. Marcos says:

    If I have problem to download some podcast, I could receive a e-mail too? smile

  36. Jeroni The nice guy says:

    It is the best way to learn some phrases costumary. I would like to know slangs or jargons used in USA.

  37. Gustavo Magnago says:

    Yeah, Marcos!!
    A voz da Ana é linda, doce.
    Confesso que fiquei encantado.
    Agora ouço todos os podcasts e acompanho todas as lições do site.

    Obrigado Aninha, te adoro.

  38. jean alves piedade says:

    legal seus podcasts… mas gostaria de fazer uma observação, fiz curso de ingles e londres e a expressão via sua pronuncia nao esta correta…. procure esquecer um pouco das palabras em portugues ira melhorar muito seus podcasts..

    • Raymundo says:

      Estudar inglês é ótimo, principalmente em Londres.
      Mas, esquecer o portugês é imperdoável


    • Raymundo says:

      Não se deve querer corrigir uma professora de língua estrangeira quando
      não se tem a mínima noção do próprio idioma. ( Eu também erro, tanto que não
      coloquei o ponto final no meu reply anterior e não dá mais para corrigir. )


  39. Jean – na verdade, “via” da maneira como pronunciei está correto.

    “Via” pode ser pronunciado de maneira parecida com o português, ‘via’ (mais comum nos EUA, onde morei) ou parecido com ‘vaia’ (mais comum no Reino Unido).

    Você pode ouvir as duas pronúncias aqui:

    • Raymundo says:


      Será que não vou-me cansar de parabenizá-la? Acabei de ver no Oxford as duas
      pronúcias, “via” e “vaia,” tanto falado como na chave de pronúncia.
      No Longman, existe apenas a pronúncia “vaia” mas na chave de pronúncia exis-
      tem as duas formas.

      E agora?

      Parabéns (de novo)!


  40. Camila says:

    Oi Ana,nos últimos dias tenho lido e ouvido seus posts e devo dizer que sua fluência ao falar é de se admirar… Eu também já ouvi a expressão via da forma como é dita aqui no Brasil.

  41. Diana Pimenta says:

    É simplesmente excelente o seu trabalho.. estou a acompanhar o mais possível e tenho de dizer que o meu inglês está muito melhor!!

    Parabéns! Obrigada!

  42. Obrigada Camila! Ouça meu podcast lá no English Experts também, pois falo sobre como melhorei o inglês, etc.

    Hi, Diana! Fico suuuuper feliz de ouvir isso! Parabéns pra vc também, e é um prazer.

  43. Juliana ; - ) says:

    Hi Ana!

    I think that what runs in my family is the stubbornness…we are all stubborn here and sometimes it’s complicated to solve somethings.

    I’d like to say that love your podcasts, they’re amaizing!


  44. Raymundo says:

    I liked this class as I’ve liked all you send to us. Although I agree that you have to speak fast,
    doing it slowly is good as well. It helps us to understand immediately
    Thank you once again.


  45. Raymundo says:


    I liked this class as I’ve liked all you’ve sent to us. On my last comment I
    said SEND, not SENT. Is it better now?


  46. Raymundo says:


    Jamais deixarei de elogiar seu trabalho tão importante, acessorada por uma equipe
    tão competente.Desta vez., quero elogiar a sua grandeza de espírito e sua paciência,
    sem os quai você não conseguiria responder ” àquilo ” que o senhor Jean Alves Piedade
    chama ESCRITA. Um homem que não sabe que inglês tem acento circunflexo, que Londres
    tem inicial maiúscula e que o seu próprio nome tem iniciais maiúsculas tem a audácia e o
    atrevimento de querer corrigir uma professora. Eu, que também cometo minhas barbaridades
    no nosso IDIOMA, não posso dizer quantos erros o ilustre cidadão cometeu, porque ainda não
    terminei de contá-los.


  47. Raymundo says:


    I had cancer seven years ago. I have a son who had cancer too. He’s now retired because of it. In 1998 my granddaughter died because of cancer. That’s why I can say that having cancer runs in the family. I don’t
    remember any case of touching base or beating around the bush, but the soap opera usually shows them
    to us.


  48. Francisco Sant'Anna says:

    Hi Ana!

    So I have a big family, we living at Blumenau,SC our family are very close but I can’t remember if us have something runs in my family. However I need to stop beating around the bush and say what runs in my family is respect mutual, and besides we always touch base with our relatives.

    Thaks Ana!

    Francisco Sant’Anna your dedicate student.

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