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 Exercício: Adjetivos demonstrativos - This, That, These, Those

Complete os espaços com o adjetivo demonstrativo correto: This, That, These ou Those.

1. Do you see boys over there? They're my cousins from New York.

2. - Wow, your earrings are so pretty!
- Thanks! I usually don't wear jewelry, but two are special!

3. - I love car!
- Which one?
- The gray one, next to the big truck.

4. - Do you remember shirts we saw at Macy's yesterday?
- Yes.
- They're on sale today. Let's go there and buy a few.

5. - Jane, is your bag?
- No, this one is Sara's.

6. - food is delicious! And it looks beautiful too.
- I'm glad you like it.

7. - Sorry I'm late!
- 's ok.

8. I like socks. They're so soft!


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