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 Exercício: Adjetivos em Inglês - Good, Better, Bad ou Worse

Complete as sentenças com um dos adjetivos: GOOD, BETTER, BAD ou WORSE (que são formas de "bom" e "ruim" em inglês).

Leia as sentenças com atenção, para perceber qual destas opções se encaixa melhor em cada uma delas!

1. This restaurant is excellent! It's than the old Chinese restaurant.

2. This is a painting. It looks horrible!

3. The storm was bad yesterday, but today it is even . Be careful when you go out!

4. If this car isn't enough for you, don't worry: we have a better option.

5. This ice cream is good, but I prefer your ice cream. Your ice cream is .

6. I made that cake recipe yesterday and it was really . Delicious!

7. My cake was really bad. I tried it again and it was even the second time around.

8. My friend had a cold last week, but she's feeling better now.


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