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 Exercício: Palavras interrogativas com o verbo to be, passado simples

Forme perguntas do tipo "palavras interrogativas/question words" a partir das frases a seguir, usando WHERE, WHO, WHEN, WHY e HOW OLD.

A parte da frase em letra maiúscula indica qual "question word/palavra interrogativa" do inglês você deve usar:

Exemplo: He was AT THE BEACH yesterday. --> Where was he yesterday?

1. Gina and Sally were IN SCHOOL this morning. Gina and Sally this morning?

2. We were tired BECAUSE WE EXERCISED ALL MORNING. you tired?

3. He was 30 YEARS OLD. was he?

4. The barbecue was TWO DAYS AGO. the barbecue?

5. That girl was KEVIN'S COUSIN. that girl?

6. The keys were IN MY POCKET. the keys?

7. EVERYBODY was at the party. at the party?

8. We were late BECAUSE THE TRAFFIC WAS AWFUL. you late?


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