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 Exercício: Passado Simples e Presente Perfeito

Complete as sentenças com os verbos entre parênteses no Passado Simples ou Presente Perfeito.

1. - Look! I (find) this book in the library yesterday.
- Oh, I (hear) very good things about it.

2. - I (never, be) to Paris. How about you?
- I was there last year. In fact, that (be) my third time in Paris.

3. - Would you like to try sushi? I think you'll like it.
- Thanks. Actually I (have) sushi many times. It's my favorite dish.

4. Tom (study) a lot lately. He's doing very well in school.

5. I (never, see) such a beautiful view! This really is a wonderful place.

6. When I (call) Sara, she was in the shower.

7. - Frank, this is my friend Jane.
- We (meet) before. How are you, Jane?

8. This restaurant has gotten much better since I first (come) here.


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