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 Exercício: Presente Perfeito em inglês 2

Descreva o que aconteceu com uma frase no Presente Perfeito, usando os verbos indicados entre parênteses.

Exemplo: I didn't like my old car. Now, I have a new car. (buy) --> I have bought a new car.

1. Our window was broken. Now, it's working fine. (fix)
We it.

2. Ann had a flat tire in her car. Now all tires are fine. (change)
the tire.

3. Mark was at the train station 10 minutes ago. Now, he's in the train. (take)
the train.

4. They were traveling yesterday. Now, they're back home. (return)

5. I needed to write a letter this morning. Now, the letter is ready. (write)

6. You were hungry at 11:30 in the morning. Now, it's 1 pm and you're not hungry. (have)

7. There was a pile of dirty dishes in the kitchen. Now the dishes are all clean. (wash)
Somebody .

8. The door was open. Now it's closed. (close)
Someone .


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