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 Exercício: Presente Simples ou Presente Contínuo

Complete as sentenças com a forma correta dos verbos no Presente Simples ou Presente Contínuo.

1. - Hey Lisa, how (you, do) ?
- Good.  (I, be) a little worried about the exam tomorrow.
- Hmm... Me too, but (I, think) it's going to be ok. Do you want to go out tonight?
- I can't... (I, study) tonight. I still have to read the last chapter of the book.
- Ok. If you change your mind... (We, go) to the theater.
- Cool! What (you, see) ?
- It's a play by Shakespeare.
- Nice! (I, read) Shakespeare right now.
- Which Shakespeare book (you, read) ?
- Hamlet. (it, be) really good.


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