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 Exercício: there was, there were - Afirmativas, negativas e perguntas

Complete os espaços com: there was / there wasn't / was there ou there were / there weren't / were there.

1. - a new student in your class yesterday?
- Yes. How do you know that?
- She's Lynn's daughter. Lynn told me she was going to enroll her in your class.

2. I went to the supermarket to get some food, any meat left, so I bought a couple of sandwiches.

3. It was really hard to find the way to Rose's house. any signs on the street showing which way to go!

4. - any problems with the new car this morning?
- No, the new car works perfectly.

5. We went to the mall to get new dresses for the wedding. a few pieces we liked, but nothing really pretty.

6. - I cleaned the kitchen cabinets this morning. Did you know a broken plate sitting there?
- Really? Last week there were two broken glasses in there. We have to be more careful!

7. - Did you make that carrot cake?
- No, I didn't. any sugar.

8. - So, did you go to New York last week?
- No, I tried to book a flight but any seats left.


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