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 Exercício: there was, there were

Complete os espaços com: there was ou there were.

1. a guy in my neighborhood who worked in television

2. I didn't see any meat in the fridge this morning, but some fish.

3. Sally went to the video store today, but she didn't know what to pick, several good movies available.

4. - Where are the candies?
- There are no candies!
- a few yesterday! Have you eaten them all?

5. - Can you help me find a copy of this book?
- I'm not sure we have it anymore, one on that shelf last week... Hmm, it's been sold.

6. - So, how was the party?
- It was great, but so many people in the room that I had to go outside and get some fresh air!

7. - How many people were there in class today?
- there was a woman... no, wait: two women and three men.

8. Thieves broke into Paul's house yesterday. The police said three of them.


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