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 Exercício: Futuro Simples (will) 2

Complete as frases afirmativas e negativas a seguir. Use os verbos no Futuro Simples (will) e as formas contraídas quando apropriado: I'll, you'll, won't, etc.

1. I think (he, arrive) in Canada at 7 a.m.

2. Based on their performance (they, not, win) the match.

3. (I, call) you back as soon as I get home.

4. I think (she, come) back tomorrow.

5. Hey, there's no need to walk all the way home, (I, call) a taxi for you.

6. Don't worry, (I, do) my best to help you.

7. I give you my word, (we, get) married next year.

8. I'm sorry, I promise that (it, not, happen) again.


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