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 Exercício: Presente Perfeito em inglês 1

Descreva o que aconteceu com uma frase no Presente Perfeito, usando os verbos indicados entre parênteses.

1. The window was closed. Now it's open. Somebody (open) the window.

2. Yesterday, Joanne's clothes were dirty. Now they're clean. Joanne (wash) her clothes.

3. This morning Jack had his wallet with him. Now, he can't find it. Jack (lose) his wallet.

4. Yesterday, Laura lost her keys. Now, she has her keys. Laura (find) them.

5. Last month, my house was white. Now, it's yellow. I (paint) my house.

6. They used to have a boat. Now, they don't have it anymore. They (sell) it.

7. Jane was at the party ten minutes ago. Now she's not. Jane (leave) the party.

8. The picture was on the wall this morning. Now, it's on the floor. It (fall down) down.


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