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 Exercício: Passado Contínuo e Passado Simples

Complete os espaços com os verbos no Passado Contínuo ou Passado Simples.

1. I (get) ready when my friends arrived.

2. It (start) to rain when we were leaving the house.

3. - How fast (you, drive) when the other car hit you?

4. - I (call) Mary this morning.
- Oh, yeah? What (she, say) ?
- We (not, talk) . She was taking a shower.

5. When Sara (get) home last night her mother was cooking dinner.

6. - I (drop by) your place this morning, bu you were not there.
- I (walk) the dog. I came back around 11.

7. - (you, see) Sara this morning?
- No, I didn't.

8. I (watch) TV when the doorbell rang.


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