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 Exercício: Passado Contínuo

Complete os espaços com os verbos no Passado Contínuo (afirmativo, negativo ou interrogativo.)

1. I saw Joe this morning. (He, go) to the supermarket.

2. - What (you, do) at the mall today?
- (I, look for) a new jacket.

3. (It, rain) this morning, so we had to take an umbrella with us.

4. Tom was home yesterday. (He, fix) the computer.

5. (you, park) your car just ten minutes ago? I think I saw you at the parking garage.

6. Linda always wears skirts, but yesterday (she, not, wear) one.

7. I saw Mark at the theater. (He, talk) to our friends.

8. (Lisa, drive) your car this morning.


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