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 Exercício: Passado Simples, Georgie Porgie

A história abaixo vem de Georgie Porgie, uma nursery rhyme americana (nursery rhymes são canções infantis que os pais ou avós cantam para as crianças).

Complete as frases com os verbos no passado simples.

Georgie Porgie (be) a cheeky little boy. He (like) to tease people, especially little girls.

One afternoon, he (go) to the park near his house. He (find) a little girl and (try) to kiss her. The girl (cry) and (sob) because she (do) not like Georgie.

Then, some boys (come) to the park and (see) Georgie chasing after the girl. They (shout) and (laugh) loudly at Georgie. Georgie (stop) chasing the girl and (run) away feeling embarrassed.

Thereafter Georgie (hesitate) to play with his friends because he (remember) the embarrassment that he (face) in front of his friends. This incident (prohibit) him from chasing girls thereafter.


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