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 Exercício: Used to (ações passadas) e Presente Simples 2

Complete as sentenças com o verbo adequado com: Used to (ação repetida no passado) e Presente Simples.

Exemplo: I used to swim every day. Now I swim only once a week.

1. The kids (play) in the playground five days a week.
Now the kids (play) in the playground only twice a week.

2. Larry (visit) his mother every Saturday until last year.
Now he (visit) his mother once a month.

3. Sandra (go) to the gym twice a week.
Before, Sandra (go) to the gym from Monday to Saturday.

4. Carlos (play) soccer a lot when he was younger.
Nowadays he (not, play) soccer anymore.

5. My kids (not, eat) to eat vegetables when they were younger.
Now they (eat) vegetables and they like them.

6. I (live) in Paris with my grandparents when I was younger.
Now I (live) in Canada with my parents.

7. I (not, smoke) anymore.
In the past, I (smoke) a lot.

8. I (clean) my computer every month.
Now I (clean) my computer twice a year.


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