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Compreensão de Texto: My daily schedule

By Ana Luiza | Compreensão de Texto

Mar 04
Inglês - Compreensão de Texto My daily schedule

Mais um texto para prática de compreensão de inglês escrito: o de hoje fala sobre a rotina de uma terapeuta.

Aqui vai o texto:

My daily schedule as a therapist isn’t a simple one. Since I work for myself, I have the liberty to schedule appointments when it’s convenient both to me and my patients. On the other hand, I used to work crazy hours! Lately I have been trying to have more of a routine, so now this is what my days are looking like:

On Mondays I don’t go into the office, so I have time to spend most of the day doing the laundry, shopping and running errands. I also go to the gym in the evening to try and work out a little.

On Tuesdays I have a very early start to a full day: I wake up at six a.m. My first patient is scheduled for eight o’clock. After four sessions, I have a lunch break from twelve thirty to one thirty. I finish up the last session at five p.m. and get home at around six p.m.

Wednesday starts an hour later. I wake up at seven a.m., leave for work at eight and see my first patient at nine a.m. I also finish early on Wednesday at twelve noon.

Thursday is the same schedule as Tuesday, getting up at six a.m., leaving for work at seven, and seeing my first patient at eight. However on Thursdays I’m able to leave around four p.m. and stop by the gym for another workout session.

On Fridays I only go into the office in the afternoon, so I use the morning to organize my finances, make payments and some phone calls. I see my first patient at two p.m. and finish up my last patient at five o’clock.


therapist = terapeuta (tanto na área de psicologia/psiquiatria quanto, por exemplo, a massage therapist)
schedule appointments = marcar consultas (appointment pode ser também uma reunião, etc.)
on the other hand = por outro lado
work crazy hours = literal: trabalhar horas “loucas”; não ter horário fixo, trabalhar até tarde, etc.
running errands = errand é uma palavra genérica para “coisas” que alguém tem que fazer na rua: ir ao banco, pegar a roupa na lavanderia, passar na papelaria, etc. run errands significa fazer estas coisas.
work out = se exercitar, fazer ginástica
a lunch break = uma pausa para almoço

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    Compreensão de Texto: My daily schedule – Inglês Online

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    Compreensão de Texto: My daily schedule – Inglês Online

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    I enjoy it, thanks

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    Hi Henrique smile Good, huh?
    A tip: when you say “Second time today that I…” or things like that, use the present perfect:
    Second time today I’ve seen this expression.

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