Compreensão de Texto: Asking someone out

By Ana | Compreensão de Texto

Aug 25
Inglês - Compreensão de Texto Asking someone out

No exercício de compreensão de texto de hoje, Tony convida Karen para sair. 

Aqui vai:

Karen: Hello.

Tony: Hi, is Karen there?

Karen: Speaking.

Tony: Hey, Karen. Tony here, from the gym. How are you?

Karen: Hi Tony, I’m good. How are you?

Tony: I’m doing great. I didn’t see you at the gym last week – is everything OK?

Karen: Yes, wow, that’s sweet of you to ask. The reason I didn’t show up at the gym is, I had my finals last week.

Tony: Tough week, huh?

Karen: Tell me about it! I slept all weekend, I was so tired.

Tony: Well, I hope all this hard work paid off! How did you do?

Karen: It’s hard to tell since the results aren’t out yet, but I think I did pretty well in general.

Tony: I’m glad to know. Listen, what are you doing tomorrow night?

Karen: Nothing special. Why?

Tony: Uh, would you like to have dinner?

Karen: Sounds good! Where are we going?

Tony: How about some Italian? I know a very nice place nearby.

Karen: Great, I love Italian.

Tony: So, I’ll pick you up at 7.

Karen: Sounds good. See you then.

Tony: Great, bye. 


Tony, here = aqui é o Tony
from the gym = da academia (eles se conhecem da academia)
that’s sweet of you to ask = gentileza sua perguntar
I didn’t show up = …de eu não ter aparecido (show up = aparecer, ir a algum lugar)
finals = final exams (exames finais)
tough week = semana difícil
Tell me about it! = Nem me diga!
paid off = (passado de pay off) valeu a pena
how did you do? = como você foi?
it’s hard to tell = é difícil dizer/saber
the results aren’t out = os resultados ainda não sairam
I did pretty well = eu fui (bastante) bem
sounds good = parece legal (Ah, legal!)
nearby = perto daqui
pick (someone) up = pegar, buscar alguém onde essa pessoa estiver
see you [then] = te vejo [na hora que foi combinada]


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Letícia 07/03/2011

Amazingly, I found this test very complicated .. more worth while to have done!

Ana Luiza 02/09/2009

Hey monique, good for you…!

jeronimo: insira seu email lá em cima à direita para receber as novas dicas por email.

jeronimo 02/09/2009

I would like to have more of these.So i can improve the comunication.

monique 02/09/2009

I really liked the test! Very easy!

Ana Luiza 26/08/2009

@Henrique – yep, writing words is nice for a change…

Henrique 26/08/2009

Write words is cool… smile

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