Inglês como ele é:  What’s the last page-turner you read?

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Sep 28
Inglês como ele é What’s the last page-turner you read

O professor Rogerio escreveu um post há um tempo sobre livros: gêneros, como você descreveria a estória, que verbos usar, etc.

Para colocar um pouco do que foi apresentado, resolvi hoje falar de um livro que li não faz muito tempo, e que adorei. Eu usei, é claro, vocabulário da lição do Rogerio e basicamente respondi estas perguntas:

  • What’s the book about? Sobre o que é o livro?
  • Who is the lead character, and what is he/she like? Quem é o personagem central, e como ele/ela é?
  • How did you like the story? How would you describe it? (boring, interesting, suspenseful, etc.) Que você achou da estória? Como você a descreveria?
  • Would you recommend this book? Você recomendaria este livro?
  • How did you get the book? Como você arranjou/comprou o livro?

Aqui vai o meu texto sobre o livro – comentários sobre o vocabulário estão entre parênteses.

A is for Alibi


A nice book I read not too long ago (não faz muito tempo) was A is for Alibi, a mystery by Sue Grafton. This book is the first in the so-called (assim chamada) alphabet series written by Grafton – the second one in the series is B is for Burglar, the third is C is for Corpse and so on.

Kinsey Millhone is the lead character: she’s a young private investigator who’s tough (durona) and independent. The stories are set in the 80s (se passam nos anos 80) and therefore Kinsey has to solve her cases (solucionar seus casos) without any help (sem ajuda nenhuma) from digital devices or the Internet. If you think that makes (se você acha que isso torna) the story boring, you’d be wrong: the book was a real page-turner (livro que você não consegue parar de ler) and once I began reading I couldn’t put it down (não conseguia deixar o livro de lado).

It was also a fast read (livro que você lê rápido) – I think I finished it in three days. All in all, I would highly recommend this book to anyone who enjoys a good detective novel. I got the book in paperback through – you can buy a used copy there pretty cheap, and they ship internationally.


Agora, como sempre, é com você: fale sobre o seu livro preferido, ou sobre o último livro que leu, ou até sobre um livro que você detestou! Responda algumas das perguntas acima com suas próprias palavras.


Faça o quiz: Compreensão de texto: the last page-turner I read

Ana Luiza 10/01/2010

Drica, you’re welcome!

Welton, good job! Loved reading your summary.

Welton 06/01/2010

The last page-turner I read was The Lightnig Thief by Rick Riordan.
Percy Jackson is the lead character, he’s Poseidon son.
The history occurs in the present days in Manhatam NY. He discovers he’s a half-blood God child and then severals monsters try to kill him along the history.
He was accused to steal the most powerful weapon from Zeus, and during the history He has to prove his innoncense beyond recovering the weapon.
That’s a amazing history, when you begin reading it, I’m sure you won’t be able to put it down.

Drica 21/10/2009

Thanks Ana, and for the tips on twitter about “due” and “odds”!!
It was very nice!!

Ana Luiza 16/10/2009

Hi Drica! It would make a great movie!

Drica 16/10/2009

Ana, Death in the clouds sounds really nice. It makes me remind about “Ponto de Impacto”, its just like this, it started slow but has a surprising ending!! Poderia virar filme!! (how can is say that in english?)
See Ya.

Ana Luiza 13/10/2009

Giselly, Drica and monique

Great accounts of the stories you’re reading! Sounds like you’re all having a good time.
Yesterday I finished another whodunit: Death in the Clouds by Agatha Christie. It had several characters but detective Poirot was one of the central ones.

The book started slow but picked up speed about halfway through. The ending was surprising, no way I could have guessed!

monique 13/10/2009

At the moment, I’m reading a book called “The Time Traveler’s Wife”. I can’t remember the name of the author, but it’s already a best-seller and it’s been turned into a movie, “Te Amarei para Sempre” in portuguese. It tells the story of Henry,a man who suffers from a rare genetic mutation, that makes him go back and forth in time. He meets a girl, Clare, in her childhood while he already is an adult. He appears in different moments of her life with different ages and they fall in love, of course! But, how can they be together if he disappears all the time in consequence of his disease? I can’t tell more because I’m just in the beginning of the book, but I think it’s a real page-turner!

Ana Luiza 11/10/2009

marta – obrigada mas eu acho que ‘estória’ já entrou para a língua portuguesa queiramos ou não. Os dicionários da língua tem esse verbete, por exemplo o Michaelis.

marta oliveira 11/10/2009

O professor Rogerio escreveu um post há um tempo que é uma referência ótima de vocabulário para falar sobre livros: gêneros, como você descreveria a estória, que verbos usar.
ESTÓRIA, não existe na língua portuguêsa, é sempre história … diferente de inglês que tem story (narração de contos, romances, textos etc.,) and history (narração de fatos históricos.
Um abraço para você e o Rogério e um bom fim de semana.

Drica 09/10/2009

The last page-turned i read was “A cabana”. It’s a drama. And tell the story of man who lost his hope in God after his daughter died, murdered by serial killer. After a while he has to face up his most difficult moment of his life. He went back to the place where his daughet died to discover that God and Jesus were always by his side and just want to show him that his not alone in this world. It’s a wonderful book, i recommend to everyone! It shows us how walk through the waters with Jesus. Beautilful.
oh, i bought on the internet.

Giselly Aguiar 02/10/2009

The last page-turner I read was Breaking down (4th of the twilight sequence).The book relate the life of Bella and her boyfriend, when they getting married. The lead character is Bella. She is a good girl but, She always stay in the wrong place at wrong time. The story is amazing, and I wanted recommend this book for everybody. My father bought the 1st book for me (twilight).

Ana Luiza 30/09/2009

Great Aline! That sounds like a nice read.

Aline Oliveira 29/09/2009

Hi Ana, the last page-turner I read was “O que realmente importa” by Anderson Cavalcante. This is a help-self book, but the narrative is very delightful.
A book is based on real situations of the quotidian, and bring nices inspirations ideas for your life and what is really import for live happy.

(I try :D)

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