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Mais inglês com Friends: twice as big

By Ana Luiza | Lições de Inglês

Oct 27
Mais inglês com Friends twice as big

Hi everyone,

Vou aproveitar mais um clip do Friends que está no YouTube (pelo menos no momento, pois o clip que eu usei na lição anterior foi removido) para falar dessa comparação:

  • Essa impressora é duas vezes mais rápida que aquela outra ali.
  • A casa da Maria é duas vezes maior que a da Joanna.
  • O carro do Pedro é duas vezes mais rápido que o do João.

Como dizemos isso? Usando twice as big as ou twice as large as, e twice as fast as. Veja:

This printer is twice as fast as that other one.

Maria’s house is twice as large as Joanna’s.

Pedro’s car is twice as fast as João’s.

Veja que estamos comparando a casa da Maria com a casa da Joanna:

Maria's house is twice as large as Joanna's.






Por isso, não é preciso dizer Maria’s house is twice as large as Joanna’s house. Mesma coisa com os carros: Pedro’s car is twice as fast as João’s car.

Agora, dê uma olhada no vídeo em que a Monica conta ao Chandler por que ela está adorando o novo emprego (she’s a chef, and her old job was at a restaurant called Alessandro’s):

(C) Hello.

(M) I love my new job!

(C) Honey, you’re screaming.

(M) You bet your ass I am! I just had the best first day ever. The kitchen? Twice as big as Alessandro’s.

(C) Oh, that’s great.

(M) Yeah, and clean? Not just Health Department clean, Monica clean!

(C) Awesome.

(M) Oh, and the people are so nice! There’s this one guy, Jeffrey, he’s the maitre d’. Chandler, you will love him. He is, without a doubt, the funniest guy I have ever met.

E aí? O que você tem para dizer usando twice as… as (ou three times as… as)?


  • Ana Luiza says:

    Hi marina, you are very welcome.

    Barros: your new bike is twice as big? Is it a Harley?

  • Barros says:

    I bought a motorcycle and my current motorcycle as twice big as the first. now, i can drive twice as fast as and I can go out twice as large as that previous bike.

  • marina says:

    I’ve just known…
    This site is wonderful to improve my English language!
    Thank you very much!

  • Ana Luiza says:

    Thanks Gabi and Mirian, I enjoyed making the post smile

  • Mirian says:

    Hello Ana!
    I loved this lesson, did not know the site … congratulations your tips are great

    by Mirian

  • Gabi says:

    I always watch Friends, I love it! And a learn a lot watching it.
    Congratulations, Ana!

  • Ana Luiza says:

    Drica – é o maitre do restaurante.

    Thanks Henrique :p

  • Henrique says:

    Funny and twice as cool as others sites… :p

  • Drica says:

    Hi Ana,
    That’s was very nice!!
    but, what that (d’) mean?

  • Ana Luiza says:

    Hi Ira
    I think your sentence is great, and I got the meaning smile

    Yup, Friends is a gold mine.

  • Iramaia says:

    I just bought a TV four times as big as the old one wink. Thanks Ana, I think that learning is much better when the knowledge drops. Well, I just invented a sentence.I’m not so sure if it’s right. Anyway, I guess you can understand and please correct me if I’m wrong.

  • Patricia says:

    I loved it!!
    I have already watched all the Friend’s episode, but we don’t pay attention in this little situation when we are watching… Congratulation!!

  • isa LAINAY says:


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