Pratique: como digo “consegui chegar” em inglês?

By Ana | Teste Seu Inglês

Nov 23

Aqui vai uma atividade baseada na lição Como digo em inglês: consegui chegar.

Leia os parágrafos, e então forme uma sentença dizendo se a pessoa conseguiu ou não chegar ao lugar que ela ia a tempo (o vocabulário aqui não é muito básico, por isso coloquei algumas explicações depois de cada exercício.)

John had a plane to catch this morning. He had to be at the airport before 8AM. However, John left his house at 7h30 and got stuck in a traffic jam. He arrived at the airport after 8 o’clock.

got stuck in a traffic jam = ficou preso em um engarrafamento

Resposta do exemplo
John didn’t make it to the airport in time.


É a sua vez (it’s your turn)

Sally withdrew some money.(1) Sally was supposed to meet a friend at a movie theater last Saturday. The movie started at 7PM, so Sally left the house at 6h30, but then realized that she had no money in her purse. So she walked over to the nearest ATM booth and withdrew some money. She arrived at the theater around 6:50.

was supposed to = tinha que (por ter combinado)
realized  = percebeu, viu que
ATM booth = aquele lugar em que você entra para usar o caixa automático dos bancos
withdrew some money = tirou um pouco de dinheiro


Mark got dressed very quickly.(2) Mark’s English exam was scheduled for 10AM last Monday. Mark tried to pull an all-nighter on Sunday, but he was so tired that he fell asleep around 5AM. He woke up at 9:30. He got dressed very quickly but when he arrived at school the classroom doors were closed.

pull an all-nighter = varar a noite fazendo alguma coisa (geralmente estudando)
fell asleep = pegou no sono
got dressed = vestiu-se



Teresa ran out of gas.

(3) Yesterday Teresa was on her way to a meeting when she ran out of gas. Fortunately, there was a gas station just across the road. The station attendant was very helpful and helped her get some gas. Teresa was able to arrive at the office 10 minutes before the meeting started.

was on her way to = estava indo para
fortunately = felizmente
ran out of gas = ficou sem gasolina
just across the road = do outro lado da rua/avenida


Mary got held up at the office.


(4) Lucy and Mary were going to meet for drinks after work tonight. But Mary got held up at the office and wasn’t able to call Lucy to let her know that she was going to be late. Lucy waited at the restaurant for a half hour and then left.

got held up = ficou “presa”
to let her know = para avisá-la



Respostas sugeridas

(1) Sally made it to the theater in time

(2) Mark didn’t make it to the exam / to school in time.

(3) Terese made it to the meeting in time.

(4) Mary didn’t make it to the bar in time.


Não conseguiu chegar a algum lugar a tempo recentemente? Deixe um comentário contando (para alguma coisa o atraso vai servir!)

joire 27/03/2012

In last Saturday I marked with my son to go to the museum, but it left with my car and its sweetheart. At last I arrived behind and museum already had closed.
Ana, I adore its publications in the face, has lamentably not had time to study a little more than English

Jackeline 27/03/2012

Hello Ana! How are you? I have greatly enjoyed your podcast! it has help me and I’m learning a lot! Thanks for your dedication and quality’s podcasts!

(1) John didn’t get a plane to catch this morning because he arrived at the airport after 8 o’clock.
(2) Mark lost his exame because him arrived in his school later and the classroom doors already were closed.
(3) Fortunately, Teresa arrived in her meeting because she found a gas station quite near from her car stoped.
(4) Mary didn’t meet for drink with Lucy because was too busy in her office, so when Mary arrived in restaurant Lucy already had went away.

A big hug and God cover you of blessings!

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