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Teste seu inglês: Palavras e expressões usadas quando falamos sobre chuva

By sergio | Teste Seu Inglês

Feb 09

O teste de hoje é sobre palavras e expressões usadas quando falamos sobre chuva.

Palavras usadas quando falamos sobre chuva

8 Questões

O quiz de hoje é sobre palavras e expressões usadas para falarmos sobre chuva.

Escolha a melhor alternativa para cada questão.

1. 1º It's pouring _________ rain in Santa Catarina.
2. 2º It's just ___________ in the countryside.
3. 3º We're going to have _____________ in many parts of the country.
4. 4º The football match has been rained ____________ again.
5. 5º It's pelting _____________ in São Paulo.
6. 6º Come rain or ___________, I'm going to go to São Paulo tomorrow.
7. 7º The rain hasn't let _________ since Monday.
8. 8º Did you get _______________ ______ the rain on the way home?



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  • sara says:

    I really liked this quiz, by the way, all of them are really helpful to me, ‘cause I’m always teaching and translating. Thanks for everything.

  • Queta says:

    I missed a lot of questions, but it is all right because we learn from our mistakes. Thank very much; I am enjoying your website a lot. I’d like also to tell something: I asked Ana about private class (via skype/msn,etc), and she gave me website (I now forgot its name), but it was so expensive to me, so I’d like to know if you know someone that teachs English for a good price. I can speak English already, but it is not very well yet, so I really need to improve it. Thanks again

  • Sérgio says:

    Hi Alice, Eder and Osvaldo

    Great Alice! Let us know whether your students liked it.
    Fico feliz que tenha aprendido novas palavras Eder!
    Practice makes it perfect Osvaldo!(A pratica leva à perfeição)Você poder ter errado, mas agora já aprendeu novas palavras para falar sobre chuva!

    Thank you guys for taking the quiz!



  • Osvaldo Junior says:

    OH MY GOD! For the first time I missed all the questions! (Errei todas as questões pela primeira vez!) Sem chutes e pulando o que não tinha noção.
    Acho que isto é sinal de que as dicas foram boas pra mim… rsss

  • Eder says:

    Poxa vida, eu errei bastante e me surpreendi, pois me viro muito bem com meu inglês (que considero intermediário). Pois é, vivendo e aprendendo,kkk. Muito bom o site

  • Alice says:

    Since we live in a draught area, rain is always a subject that interests the students. I teach many subjects through English and this will be the next one. Thanks.

  • Sérgio says:

    Hi Ira, Nelson and Drica

    First of all, thank you for taking the quiz.
    It’s nice to know Ira that you were able to make this association. It’ll certainly help you to remember it later on. I usually do that too.
    I’m glad you liked it Nelson! Every Wednesday we have a new quiz on the site. It’s also great to know Drica that it helped you to learn new words!



  • Drica says:

    Errei um bocado, mas aprendi novas palavras!!
    Thanks Ana.

  • Nelson says:

    Very good and useful tips.
    Thanks a lot.

  • Iramaia says:

    Some days ago, I read about phrasal verbs (I think it was in one of the Disal issues),and the author of the article has said that the particle of the phrasal verbs have to have a sense.Having said that, question number 8, I made a guess, a wrong one, I chose “off”, cause I was thinking it makes sense, but then the right answer was “up”. Giving a little thought to the answer I realized that it also makes sense, because if it is pouring DOWN, the opposite of DOWN is UP.We can make the association in our minds to try to remember it. LET UP, diminuir.

    Thanks again, although I’ve read an excellent article about vocabulary related to rain (lots of new words, and it has helped me in this test), you prove that there are endless ways to say things in English.

    Very, very, good!

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