Teste seu inglês: Palavras usadas quando falamos sobre trabalhos

By sergio | Teste Seu Inglês

Apr 28

O teste de hoje é sobre palavras usadas quando falamos sobre trabalhos.

Palavras usadas quando falamos sobre trabalhos

8 Questões

O quiz de hoje é sobre palavras usadas quando falamos sobre trabalhos.

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1º He's been taking a course to become an __________________. (pessoa que conserta eletrodomésticos)

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2º You will need to find a _____________ (corretor) in order to sell your house.

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3º My uncle works as ________________ . (um montador)

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4º That guy had not paid the rent for months, so the landlord called the __________________ (oficiais de justiça) to the property.

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5º Most of his work involves __________________. (trabalho braçal)

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6º He works there as a __________________. (soldador)

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7º My clothes need repairing, I must find a _______________. (costureira)

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8º The ______________ (carregador de mudança) will be here any minute now.

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Henrique Andrade 17/05/2010

Olá Ana Luiza!
Então eu nao li esse livro não.Como faço pra falar com vc.
Se vc acha que vai ser bom pra mim, me avise Ok
Ou então me mande um email
See You

Ana Luiza 16/05/2010

Oi Henrique,
Vc chegou a ler a série de dicas “Como Falar Inglês”? Se não, fale comigo.. Acho q vc iria gostar.

hi Jeroni, it’s true, lots of different words and meanings… I would focus on one variety at a time, and not worry so much about the differences.

jeroni 14/05/2010

There is so much dissimilarity between words proceeding from England that is different in United States. In brazil happen the same thing when we refer word coming from Portugal. Sometimes these words complicate more than help.

Ana Luiza 06/05/2010

Wikipedia is a helpful resource, but it is not always exhaustive.

Actually, the word assembler is very much in use as a position that involves assembling work. If you do a search for “assembler jobs” you’ll find plenty of examples from American companies, such as

As far as dressmaker, the Wikipedia page you linked to does not say they make dresses only. It’s more like women’s clothing, especially dresses (see the Answers.com definition here http://www.answers.com/topic/dressmaker )

And a bailiff can definitely be someone other than an officer who provides security in a court room. You can check the Answers.com or Wikipedia pages if you want:

Henrique Andrade 06/05/2010

Opa!! Valew pelo incentivo…
Vou praticar muito!!!
Já,já todos vc’s vão me ver como presidente dos ESTADOS UNIDOS!!!
Té +

kaliandra 06/05/2010

oi Henrique, inglês vc vai aprender praticando, seja via chat, filmes, musica… mas vc tem que encarar…até mais

Jacob 05/05/2010


If you check, a dressmaker specifically deals with dresses. The example in the quiz spoke generally of clothing.

An assembler, in most modern usages of the word, is a computer program or a machine. Which country or region supposedly calls assembly line workers “assemblers”? It’s totally possible that it’s the case in Britain or New Zealand, but I just can’t find any evidence of it.

Henrique Andrade 05/05/2010

Se eu fosse vc’s estava dando graças a Deus por fala Ingles assim tão bem!!!
Mas eu vou aprender e escrever desse jeito…
(x)Eu vou conseguir!!!

    Bobbo 15/12/2016

    So, yo39&u#;re going to clutter up the video box with ads? If so, at least include a way to not show them because I don't watch videos to see ads and other items cluttering up and covering what I'm watching.

Ana Luiza 05/05/2010

Jacob… give me a break. You’re kidding, right?

*Of course* there are differences among American English and other varieties.

Words from “American English” sometimes have different meanings or uses depending on which US state you’re in, for pete’s sake.

Before leaving such comments again, please consider the possibility that the English being used is not the English you are most familiar with, and there’s a chance that, unbeknownst to you, it actually is correct language.

Jacob 05/05/2010

This quiz is terrible. I’m a native English speaker, and many of the terms here are NOT accurate or are used in such an odd way to leave no correct answer.

We call them tailors or clothiers, not “dressmakers”.

Someone who works on an assembly line is not an “assembler” but an assembly line worker.

The term “bailiff” as it’s used makes no sense to me, but perhaps this is a difference between American English and another variety. In the USA a bailiff is a police officer who provides security in a court room.

Osvaldo da Conceição Luis Laurindo 03/05/2010

good…keep sending more

Mary 30/04/2010

I like this quiz so much, but I will improve my English yet.

    Lina 15/12/2016

    That’s really thinking at an imvesrsipe level

Delino 30/04/2010

This quiz is very nice,I liked a lot if this quiz has been post once a week, we will improve our english very quickly.

Thanks.English online team.

Marcia Farias 29/04/2010

Very good this quiz!!!

Henrique Andrade 29/04/2010

Ei Pessoal, se alguem estiver afim de ajudar um menino necessidado!Eu estou akii!!
Quero aprender Ingles, mas ta dificil hein….Quem quiser me mandar email em Ingles ta aí oh (qualquer coisa) henriqueandrade03@gmail.com

LISETE 29/04/2010

Many wrongs. I am so sad.

Ana Luiza 29/04/2010

Hi everyone!! Thanks for taking the quiz smile Talk to you soon…

    Lolly 15/12/2016

    I cannot tell a lie, that really heepld.

    And you thought you had adventures before! Sounds like you’re adjusting well, tho, and I know you’re gonna be happy in one of the best homes ever, Miss Kit!

Ariane Prado 29/04/2010

Damn!! My result was POOR!!! I need some help, but I really love this site.
Thanks Ana and Sergio.

Iramaia 29/04/2010

Lots of new vocabulary.Some I’ve never heard of, the majority I should say.I’ll be back later to try once again and see if I can do better next time.


Henrique Andrade 29/04/2010

I need help, please!!!!!!

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