Usando HOPE na conversa, parte 1

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Sep 04
Inglês - Usando HOPE na conversa, parte 1

What’s up?

No podcast de hoje, eu falo sobre algumas expressões super comuns com a palavra HOPE. Hope é a palavra para esperança e/ ou ter esperança. No próximo podcast, tem mais.


Hey, how’s it going? I’m Ana Luiza with a new episode of Inglesonline podcast. To read the transcript of this and other episodes, go to and click on Podcasts.

This is part 1 of a 2-part podcast about expressions related to the word HOPE. Today I’m gonna give you examples of how to use ‘hope for the best’ and ‘don’t get your hopes up’ and in part 2 I’m gonna talk about another two or three expressions.

Here’s a nice expression: hope for the best. Hope for the best, of course, means that you’re hoping for the best possible outcome, the best possible thing to happen. So, in any situation, really, you could say “Well, it doesn’t look good, you know, but we still hope for the best”.

So it’s very common for people to say that when they’re going through a difficult time, or something unexpected has happened, and they’re not really in control of what’s gonna happen next, you know? But they’re trying their best to do whatever they can to solve the problem or improve the situation and these people might say something like “You know, I’m just gonna do what I can and hope for the best”.

Here’s an example: suppose you’re on your way to a very important meeting. Your boss is gonna be there, your biggest clients are gonna be there, and they’re all waiting for you, because you’re supposed to give this big presentation. And what’s more, your boss has been hinting at you that you might get promoted. You know, he’s been dropping a few hints here and there. In other words, this is the meeting of a lifetime, it’s a make-it-or-break-it moment in your career and you don’t wanna mess up.

And here’s what happens. You get two flat tires on your way to the meeting. You grab your cell phone to call for some help and your cell phone is dead. You forgot to recharge the battery and now it’s dead. But thankfully you’re able to think on your feet when you see a bus going in the direction you need to go. You think “Well, I’m just gonna get on this bus and hope for the best”. You know, you’re trying, you’re doing the best you can, given the circumstances, and you hope for the best. You’ve got two flat tires, your cell phone is dead, but you’re on the bus now and you hope for the best.

Or let’s say your friend has to turn in a school report in an hour and she has just dropped the report in a big puddle of water. She’s out of paper, she can’t print another copy, and you tell her “Hey, just use a blow dryer, talk to your professor, explain what happened and hope for the best” Just do whatever you can to improve the situation and hope for the best.

OK, the other expression for today is “don’t get your hopes up”. Don’t get your hopes up, you might end up disappointed. Let’s say you are trying to get a job in a field where you have zero experience. Someone tells you “I wish you luck but don’t get your hopes up. Most companies hire experienced people, so don’t get your hopes up”. Don’t expect too much, you know, things might not work out the way you want them to. Don’t get your hopes up.

Or, your friend is trying to convince you to go with her on a trip to India. You don’t have a lot of money to spend on a trip, you’d rather go to the beach, but on the other hand it would be fun to travel with your friend. So you tell her “Hey, I’m gonna think about it, but don’t get your hopes up”. You know? I’m gonna think about it, but I don’t have a lot of money right now, I’d rather go to the beach, so don’t get your hopes up.

Have you ever thought to yourself “Don’t get your hopes up”? Some people have that thought when they’re trying to get into college, for example. You know, it’s hard… don’t get your hopes up. Sometimes a person has already said NO when you asked them to do something, but you’re gonna give it another try because you really need their help with something. And you tell yourself “OK, I shouldn’t get my hopes up. I’m gonna try, I’m gonna do the best I can, but I shouldn’t get my hopes up”.

Alright, that’s it for today… Have you ever said something like “don’t get your hopes up” to another person, or to yourself? Thanks, everyone, for all the comments and see you next time.

Key expressions

  • hope for the best
  • don’t get your hopes up


outcome = desfecho de alguma situação, resultado final

your boss has been hinting at you = seu chefe vem dando a entender / vem dando umas indiretas

he’s been dropping a few hints here and there = ele vem dando a entender / vem dando umas indiretas aqui e ali

the meeting of a lifetime = uma reunião que representa uma oportunidade única na sua vida (a variante mais comum dessa expressão é ‘the opportunity of a lifetime’)

a make-it-or-break-it moment = um momento que pode fazer/impulsionar, ou destruir

mess up = (informal) fazer bobagem, estragar uma situação

think on your feet = ter presença de espírito, pensar rapidamente e reagir bem a algo inesperado

turn in = entregar (para o professor)

puddle = poça

blow dryer = secador de cabelo

give it another try = tentar mais uma vez

amor 24/12/2012

Hi there, I enjoy reading through your post. I wanted
to write a little comment to support you.

Luis Filipe 04/10/2010

Pretty good!

Muito interessante a iniciativa. A tempos procurava por podcasts gratuitos.

Continue assim!


Sweet Girl 23/09/2010

Oh is very execellent. . I’d loved the text Thanks for the help

Guilherme Inacio da Silva 20/09/2010

nao consegui aprender a falar em ingles

Raphael Rocha 19/09/2010

Hi Ana! I loved your podcasts! They`re fantastic! I was reading yuor tips for those who really want to learn english, and I remenbered my last english teacher.He`s British, he used an audio-visual method with us, once he didn´t speak portuguese, I learned much more just by listening his voice.Now my english is rusty as you can see it,but I´m returnig on my studies. Thank you!!

Anthony Caio 13/09/2010

Woohoo ! I like this podcast, I’m always learning new things with you, thanky you.

Ana Luiza 11/09/2010

Marco – I loved it, great!

Marco Brainiac 11/09/2010

Hi Ana,

Well, I’m so glad because I’ve just seen your tip in the Smallville 9X14.

The girl is in love by Clark and his sister advice her:

– Sister, don’t get your hopes up.

– He’s in love with a human.


      Thanks a Lot

Ana Luiza 09/09/2010

Amanda – vc consegue ouvir os outros podcasts aqui no site?
A única coisa q consigo pensar é q seu Flash pode estar desatualizado. Esse é o link para atualizar:

Amanda Torres 09/09/2010

Não acredito que seja alguma restrição, consigo baixar de outros sites.
Banda Larga. Não dá erro, o player não consegue executar.

Ana Luiza 09/09/2010

Glenda, Amanda

Nenhum problema pra mim. Não tenho ideia do que seja, embora eu saiba que certas empresas restringem downloads mp3 por parte de funcionários.
Se não for isso, dêem mais detalhes: qual a mensagem de erro? Vc usa banda larga?

Amanda Torres 09/09/2010

olha… não tô conseguindo ouvir nem fazer download dos arquivos .mp3.
Tem algum problema?

Duda Peracini 09/09/2010

Our spectacular this

Glenda Cookie 09/09/2010

Não consigo baixar como arkivo pra eu por no mp3, apenas reproduz no meu pleyer…=[

Ana Luiza 08/09/2010

Oi Rafael! Ler e ouvir.. O curso é um excelente começo, manda ver!

Rafael Cardoso L Teixeira 08/09/2010

Começei agora o curso, e espero por um dia, ler esse texto que escreveu Ana,  I Hope !!!

Rafael Maximo 08/09/2010

Yeah, this was amazing, I’ve been tryin’ to improve my english but sometimes I lost all my hopes, But when I see people like you Ana, I recover all my hopes again. Thank you e keep up the good work

Ana Luiza 07/09/2010

Hi Ira – I remember the song so well, but I didn’t remember the lyrics..

Hi José – good! Keep reading and listening, those are great ways to use your time.

Hi Caroline – great example, and good luck with your visa!

Léo, thanks, and Andréia – I agree.. Let’s hope for the best.

Andréia 07/09/2010

Well, we’re in a perfect year to say “hope for the best” president. hehe

léo 07/09/2010

I loved!!!!!!!!!!!!

Caroline 06/09/2010

I’m going try to get my Canadian Visa and I’m gonna do the best I can, but I shouldn’t get my hopes up.

José Vieira Pedroso 06/09/2010

I really liked your reading and I could improving my listening.thanks a lot. very good .

Iramaia 05/09/2010

oops…I think it’s HOPING for the best.

Iramaia 05/09/2010

Ana, excellent post. Hope for the best but expecting the worst…Forever Young. Remember this song? hehehe . I always have a song in my mind.

Tks for sharing,

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