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Podcast: Did this really happen?

By Ana Luiza | Podcast Inglês Online

Oct 02
Inglês - Podcast Did this really happen

Hi everyone!

Hoje eu vou contar uma estorinha, uma coisa meio estranha que aconteceu comigo há um tempo. Eu nem tinha pensado mais nisso, até que na semana passada alguém tuitou que a mesma coisa já aconteceu com ele. E com você – já? Como foi?

E uma dica: nesse podcast eu uso bastante uma estrutura assim (chamada de Past Perfect):

She had told me before about her boyfriend, but I hadn’t met him in person yet

A estória que eu conto se passou uns meses atrás, quando me encontrei com umas amigas pra almoçar. Mas eu também falo de coisas que aconteceram antes desse almoço, ou seja, coisas que já tinham acontecido (ou que ainda não tinham acontecido) quando a gente se encontrou. Então essas são as key expressions de hoje:

  • She had told me (ela tinha me dito)
  • I had not met him (eu não o tinha conhecido)
  • I had seen the picture (eu tinha visto a foto)
  • Something had happened (algo tinha acontecido)



Hi, everyone! Today is Saturday, the day before Election day. This is Ana and today I wanna tell you a.. kind of a funny/weird story.

Não perca nenhum episódio do Podcast

So, just hear me out:

A few months ago I met with a group of friends for lunch, OK? We all knew each other from school, we all went to the same school and… that day, at the restaurant, there were, like, four of us. So we got to talking and my friend… let’s call her Daniela. So Daniela told me that her boyfriend was going to join us.

Now, she had told me before about her boyfriend, but I hadn’t met him in person yet. She had told me, for example, that he had two kids from a previous marriage. So that day at the restaurant was the first day I was gonna see him in person.

Now, I wanna mention that my friends and I are all on Facebook. You know Facebook, right? It’s like Orkut, kind of. So we’re all on Facebook and we’re all connected, so we can see each other’s pictures and everything.

So when Daniela told me that her boyfriend was coming, I remembered a picture of her, her boyfriend and her boyfriend’s daughter. Just a few days earlier I had seen this picture with the three of them on her Facebook profile.

But the thing is, the moment I said that, my friend looked at me and said “What? I never posted pictures of me and my boyfriend on Facebook!”

I was so sure that I had seen the picture that I said “Of course you did! You guys were standing in front of a house. You looked like you were gonna go hiking or something”

Right after I said that, her boyfriend arrived. I took one look at him and said “Yeah, that’s him”

My friend just started to laugh. She said “Ana, this is impossible. I’ve never gone hiking, and I’ve never posted a picture of my boyfriend and his daughter anywhere”

So later, of course, I checked her profile again, and guess what? No pictures. None.

OK. For all I know, it was a dream. But I have to say, it was really vivid! And it was kinda weird. You know?

And the reason I remembered this story is that last week this guy posted on Twitter that he couldn’t remember whether something had happened in real life or in a dream. I was kinda relieved, you know? It wasn’t just me. Has this ever happened to you?

Thanks for all the comments and messages and keep sending me your suggestions and requests – they’re very welcome!


hear me out = ouça o que vou falar

we knew each other = a gente se conhecia

we got to talking = a gente começou a conversar

he was going to join us = ela ia se juntar a nós

it’s like Orkut, kind of = é como o Orkut, mais ou menos

each other’s pictures = as fotos umas das outras

the thing is = “aí é que tá”, o negócio é que

this guy posted = um cara postou (o “this” aqui indica alguém indefinido)

relieved = aliviada

  • Lívia Gonçalves says:

    Ana, sempre recebo suas dicas por email e as acho excelentes!
    Estava lendo sobre past perfect…tenho muita dificuldade!
    Exemplo na frase: “With reference to PD 17, from 30.03.2012 till 30.03.2012 listed orders have been issued with a mismatch matter within Vendor Status”

    Por que não usar simplesmente “issued’?


    • Ana Luiza says:

      Oi Livia – você está começando com uma sentença não muito simples!
      Se vc colocar “issued” ali, vc está dizendo que as “listed orders” emitiram alguma coisa. A sentença diz que elas “foram emitidas”. Também, o “have been issued” não é past perfect, é present perfect na voz passiva.
      Por que vc não desacelera um pouquinho? Leia as dicas “Como Falar Inglês” na barra lateral, mas fique mais firme com coisas mais “básicas” primeiro, que vão te facilitar quando chegar present perfect, past perfect, etc. (coloquei básicas entre parenteses porque tem mto aluno de Inter e Avançado que não consegue usar confortavelmente verbos no passado, por exemplo, o que é considerádo “básico”. O que dizer de present perfect!)

  • Marília says:

    Hey… now I’m curious….How did you know your friend’s boyfriend was really him if you had never seen him before?? and.. if you really dreamed… how did you see him in your dream if you had never relly met him in person…. hahha that’s weird!!!

  • Marília says:

    Hahaha…. that was funny .. it has happened to me many times… I can never say when something really happened or if I was dreaming….

  • Ana Luiza says:

    Anderson and everyone – you’re all very welcome! Glad to hear it’s been useful smile

    Kathy – that’s funny! And your writing is excellent, very understandable.

  • Syrla says:

    Every day I can I can improve my english thanks to the emails that I receive from you. Thank you for doing a site to exist as this. 

  • berg says:

    Muito legal esse podcast, tambem foi legal a história.

  • Kathy says:

    Something like that happened to me once but it was just the opposite, actually.
    My cousin told me a friend of mine had moved after she got married, but I thought it was a dream. A few days later I called this friend and while we were talking I told her about my “dream”, she started laughing and I got confused, she finally told that she really had moved. Since that day both of them started teasing me.

    P.S.: I’m not used to writing in English. So I hope this is understandable.

  • Zuzu says:

    proud of you …..


    Hi Ana!
    Quero parabeniza-la pelo excelente trabalho,esse site não só ajuda a mim como a muitos que trabalham offshore que não tem tempo pra estudar em casa com um professor,pois passamos a maior parte do mês em alto mar, esse site é muito ùtil obrigado!!!

  • Poliane Ferreira de Souza says:

    I very like! It’s very good can to read this kind of history.

  • Ana Luiza says:

    Hi Ale – I’ll do my best, promise.

    Fabio – it’s true, usually I can remember when I wake up mid-dream. Deja-vu – I haven’t had one in a while..

    Leninha – obrigada, e aproveite smile

  • Leninha says:

    Gostaria mais uma vez de elogiar o site! Eu adoro os podcast’s, o conteúdo, a pronuncia da Ana Luiza, é tudo muito bom!!! Continue assim!!!

  • Fábio says:

    that happens to me a lot! it’s really weird, like deja vu or something.. but I have a theory, I’ve read somewhere that we only remember our dreams when we wake up halfway through it, so I think a lot of things go through our minds during our sleep and we of course don’t remember about them later, my point is: we come across certain things that are somehow familiar, because our mind had “seen” that before, it rings a bell and that’s why we have that vague feeling we’ve already experienced that and we think it’s deja vu, a premonition or something like that.. I’m not sure this “theory” makes any sense though lol
    this blog is excellent, by the way..

  • Alexandre says:

    Hi Ana! Your podcasts are great!
    Update this section more frequently, please!

  • Ana Luiza says:

    Hi Marco,

    Isn’t it funny when that happens?

    But the truth is (and I didn’t say this in the podcast) that when I said “Yeah, that’s him” I was (kinda) joking smile

  • Marco Brainiac says:

    Hi Ana,

    First of all nice podcast. When we are dreaming our spirits become free and you can see something for a kind of diferent close up, well you can find some explanations in sites related to projeciology, spiritualism, spiritism…

    I could say you have a gift outcoming ( premonition ) Women used have this gift more than men, I had this sometimes:

    Before I get a job like a probationer, I was feeling like I stayed there as I’ve been there before so I could decribe the office, the ambiance, furnitures….

    Have a nice week

  • Ana Luiza says:

    Sérgio: frases há várias, em muitos sites (busque no guia de sites) mas traduzidas… não estou me lembrando.

    Cecilia: smile

    Raphael: Thanks for leaving your comment, it’s really a testimonial to the power of listening!


    Hi Ana! I loved your podcasts! They`re fantastic! I was reading yuor tips for those who really want to learn english, and I remenbered my last english teacher.He`s British, he used an audio-visual method with us, once he didn´t speak portuguese, I learned much more just by listening his voice.Now my english is rusty as you can see it,but I´m returnig on my studies. Thank you!!

  • Cecilia Alves says:

    Gostaria de dar os parabéns a todos que tornam este site uma realidade. AMEI!

  • sergio eduardo machado says:

    olá há tempos procuro um site onde pudesse encontrar frases em ingles e traduzidas para baixar em mp3 e não tenho tido sucesso, então gostaria de saber se pode me ajudar. muito obrigado.

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