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By Ana | Podcast Inglês Online

Jul 19
Inglês - Podcast Grow up

O podcast de hoje fala sobre a palavra GREW.


Hi everyone! How have you been? This is Ana Luiza, with a new episode of the inglesonline podcast. To download or just listen to other episodes and download transcripts, go to inglesonline.com.br and click Podcast Inglesonline.

So here’s episode three in the series where we talk about past forms of verbs that end in -ew. I’ve already given examples with blew and flew, and today you’re going to hear examples with grew. Grew is the past of grow. Grew, g-r-e-w. I guess ‘grow’ is a verb that even basic students are familiar with. It’s a pretty common word and it doesn’t take long for beginners to start hearing questions like “Where did you grow up?” So let’sstart with something very basic and then, I’ll talk about a few expressions with grow.

For example, me. I grew up in São José dos Campos. Where did you grow up? My sister and I grew up in São José and my cousins grew up in Campinas. Did you hear that? Grew, g-r-e-w, grew. What about you? Maybe you grew up in Rio, maybe you grew up in Bahia, maybe in Paraná… Let us know in the comments where you grew up.

And, here’s a nice way to use this phrasal verb “grow up”: you know when someone is being childish? When someone is being childish, it means they’re behaving like a child. Maybe this person is being immature or silly… In Portuguese we might say something like “Ah, deixa de ser criança”. In English, you can say “Oh, grow up!”. For example, let’s say your friend wants to go shopping for a new TV and she asked you to come with her. When you’re about to leave home, however, you realize that tomorrow you have an English exam which you had forgotten about, and you still have to prepare for it… otherwise, you might flunk English.

So you call your friend and you explain what’s going on, and she tells you “I can not believe you’re blowing me off like that! You promised you’d come with me! Why are you blowing me off?” Your friend thinks you found something better to do and so you’re simply blowing her off. But that’s not what’s going on at all… You tell her “Mary, I’m not blowing you off! I really forgot all about my English exam. I’m really sorry, but I have to study!” And she says “I know you’re lying. You don’t want to come with me to the mall. Are you afraid we might run into your ex-boyfriend?”. And you say “Oh Mary, grow up! I saw my ex-boyfriend yesterday. I really have to study”. So what you are saying, when you say “Mary, grow up!”… you’re saying, stop being childish. Stop being immature. Don’t be silly. Grow up!

And here’s another cool expression with grow: something or someone grew on me. Let me give you an example: when I bought my first mp3 player a few years ago, I didn’t like it. I thought the controls were hard to find and the menus were difficult to navigate. Despite not immediately liking it, after using the player for a while it grew on me. That mp3 player grew on me. What does that mean? That means that I didn’t like it very much in the beginning, I wasn’t very impressed with the player, but I started using it anyway and every time I used it, I liked it a little bit more. I noticed that this player was able to do some cool things, and after a while I realized that I really liked it. So that mp3 player grew on me. It really grew on me. True story.

Here’s a story I read on the Internet: a traveler checked into a 5-star hotel in Hong Kong. He was expecting a very luxurious bedroom, but when he saw his room he was unimpressed. The furniture wasn’t very new and he had to pay an extra fee to use the Internet. But here’s what he also said: during his stay, he had the opportunity to interact with the hotel staff several times and they were very friendly and helpful. He also said that he was surprised at how good the breakfast was, and how close the hotel was to some very nice shopping areas in Hong Kong. So he concluded his little
story by saying “the hotel grew on me”. He thought he didn’t really like the hotel in the beginning, but during his stay it grew on him.

We can also use this expression for people. You know when you start interacting with someone and in the beginning you think you don’t like them very much? Then as you get to know him or her better and better, one day you realize you like this person. You can say “Yeah, I didn’t really like him when I joined the company, but he grew on me”.

What are your stories? Tell us about something that grew on you. Talk to you next time!


Key expressions

  • grow up!
  • it grew on me


otherwise = se não

flunk = bombar, ser reprovado em

run into = encontrar de repente, por acaso

despite = apesar de

I started using it anyway = eu comecei a usá-lo mesmo assim

Ana Luiza 07/09/2011

Pessoal, obrigada como sempre por todos os comentarios. I love reading them!

Marilia: eh sim gratificante, especialmente quando leio os comentarios dizendo que estao progredindo, etc…

renan 03/09/2011

awesome podcast. It was amazing. I’m completely impressed with you. Totally. You’re fantastic. Congratulations for this great site.
Please, never stop doing that, never ever. I really admire you. Be happy!

Robson Almeida 19/08/2011

Fantastico seus podcasts! Amei todos. É um mais interessante que o outro que da vontade de ler/ver todos de uma vez! kkk

Gabriel 27/07/2011

Hi everyone!
I grew up in Belo Horizonte. I live here in BH and I will not leave it so early

Paulo Eduardo 27/07/2011

hi, i’m fine.
i have a doubt… if i’m still a child, should i say ” i have been growing up here” ?
To be honest, i didn’t like this website so much, but after navigate more and more, it really grew on me!

Marcela França 27/07/2011

Hi Ana!! I have to tell you how amazed Im by your english!! God, I wish I could speak like you someday! great podcast! It has been helping a lot to learn and improve my english.

Thank you, Ana and congrats

Paulo Lopes 26/07/2011

Hi for all.

That’s tha first time I visit this site. I need to say then I like it so much. Certanly now I’m a new member of group. This site grew uo on me and I’m heppy about this.

My name is Paulo Lopes and I’m living in Uberlandia MG, but I was born and grew up in Indaiatuba SP.

Congratulation Ana and team.

Ana Luiza 25/07/2011

hi, everyone. Awesome comments… Each one of you grew up in a different place and I’m also loving the examples of people and stuff that grew on you guys… smile

Maykell Júlio 25/07/2011

I grew up in Uberlândia, Minas Gerais. One thing that grew up on me was the desire of studying English. Some years ago, I used to have a bad impression of that language, but as soon as I started to learn more and more it became pleasure and funny to communicate using this new tool. Today, when I wake up, I boot up my computer and look for some American radios or TV shows. Resuming, I got the habit and I guess that everyone should try, even with a certain block at the beginning.

Vera Graña Cruz 25/07/2011

Hi Ana Luiza?

Well, I grew up in Spain, where I’m living now since 2009, I was living in Rio de Janeiro before. At first people were a kinda of rare, no talkings, running to work but…after a few months I caught up the reasons of living like that and they grew on me.

Maria 23/07/2011

I grew up in São Paulo and live here since I was born. The intrest to learning English grew on me with interactive lessons.

J.u.l.i.a.n.a 23/07/2011

Well, I was born in Brazil, but my family moved to Tocantins when I was just a little child. Then I grew up in the newest state of Brazil. I can’t say I didn’t like to study English, but hearing these podcasts I realize Ana’s voice grew on me. Thanks Ana. You’re an excellent teacher indeed.

Mirela 23/07/2011

Wow. Your explanations are just fabulous! I can’t imagine myself without this. Thank you, thank you! you’re helping me a lot. I hope you keep it :D

Marcos 23/07/2011

I grew up in the city of Jandaia do sul,north of the Paraná and today I live in Limeira-SP.

Murilo 22/07/2011

Hi, dear Ana Luiza.

Well, I think that happened with many others guys. I didn’t like English at all. I remember that during my whole school, I just did the necessary to get the grades. But, after that, I started to get interested about English, little by little. So, I can say, surely, that English grew on me.

Congrats for another nice Podcast!

Veronica Neves 21/07/2011

Hi, Ana Luiza! Thanks for this brilliant podcast!
I grew up in São Paulo, which is the city I was born and live now.
Well, last week I travelled with my classmates to Ouro Preto – MG. On the first hour in the city I really hated the hole thing, and I couldn’t wait to get back to my home in São Paulo. So then, at the begining of that night we went out to drink some beer, and it was really, really fun. The next days were awesome and the last day was really sad because I didn’t wanna get back to São Paulo. Ouro Preto grew on me, so that I wanna travel to the city again next year!

Nivaldo Leôncio 21/07/2011

Adoro seus podcasts. Esse é um modo realmente interessante de estudar inglês. Obrigado Ana Luiza. Abraço.

Ana 21/07/2011

When I started working on my area I didn’t like very much, but I think it grew on me according to the time, and now I’m happy on it.

Marília 21/07/2011

Nossa Ana… meu comentário não é sobre o podcast mas bem… eu tava vendo o vídeo em que vc explica sobre o Curso Básico de Inglês, e até estranhei ouvir vc falando em português porque já tava muito acostumada com sua voz falando inglês hahaha, e eu tava lendo os comentários das pessoas que estão fazendo o curso. E fiquei pensando: Nossa, deve ser muito gratificante poder ajudar tantas pessoas a ter sucesso com algo que até então parecia um bicho de sete cabeças(by the way…essa é uma boa expressão para um podcast hein?? rsrs Como vc diria “bicho de sete cabeças” em inglês?) voltando ao assunto… queria te parabenizar mais uma vez.. sou sua fã mesmo…deve ser muito legal ler os comentários de tantas pessoas! Se eu fosse dar minha opiniao sobre o seu trabalho com o Inglesonline diria que vc acertou na mosca (aliás… outra expressão para um podcast) rsrsrs

Abraço…e Parabéns!

Aline 21/07/2011

I was born and grew up in São Paulo.
When I started to study English, I did hate it, but the language grew on me.

zelia 20/07/2011

To Inglesonline PODCAST,
I grew up in Pirapozinho town near President Prudent, west Sao Paulo STATE. My husband grew on me when us were working as teachers at the same school in other city.

If I have carry on interacted with your PODCAST I have only had to grow up my English .  Those are very interesting tips and smart for me

    Thank you very much!!!!!GOD BLESS YOU GUYS!

sandro 20/07/2011

i grew up in paraiba so when i was 6 years old my family and i moved to sao paulo.
in the beggining i really did not like to live here but a few months later i had already got used to the city so i can say that sao paulo city grew on me…kisses ana…

Ana Luiza 20/07/2011

@Magda – obrigada.. que bom que vc acompanha por aqui.
@Eduardo – no problem!

Marília 20/07/2011

I grew up in Anapolis Goiás and my husband grew on me. When we started going out I didn’t really like him that much but as time went by I ended up loving him more and more each day.

Great post! As usual .. thanks!!!!

Eduardo Souto 20/07/2011

Muito bom este podcast, obrigado Ana!

Magda 20/07/2011

Cada vez gosto mais de seus podcasts e sua maneira de explicar.  Parabens.  Se tivesse estudando em uma escola, como gostaria que voce fosse minha professora.

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