Inglês com Cartoons #71: I’ll be right back

By Ana | Inglês com Cartoons

Oct 09

Hi, everyone! No cartoon de hoje, como sempre, temos uma imagem com uma fala, perguntas e um exemplo. Você usa a imaginação para dar suas próprias respostas em inglês nos

Inglês com Cartoons #71Perguntas

(a) Where is the teacher going? Onde a professora vai?

(b) What are the students going to do while she’s gone?  O que os alunos vão fazer enquanto ela não estiver lá?

(c) Is the teacher going to come back? A professora vai voltar?

Minhas respostas

(a) She’s going to look for a ladies room (she hasn’t peed the whole morning). Ela vai procurar um banheiro feminino (ela não fez xixi a manhã inteira).

(b) They’re going to sit down and rest for a bit, since they just returned from a 2-hour walk in the woods. Eles vão sentar e descansar um pouco, já que acabaram de voltar de uma caminhada de duas horas na floresta.

(c) Actually, no. The bathroom door will get stuck and she’s have to wait until someone shows up and let her out. Na verdade, não. A porta do banheiro vai travar e ela vai ter que esperar alguém aparecer pra deixá-la sair.


                 E você? Quais seriam as suas respostas?


E aqui vai o PDF com o cartoon anterior – I was so surprised! – com
todas as respostas (editadas quando necessário) para quem quiser

Luis 24/10/2011

a) The teacher is going to meet your boyfriend.
b) The students are going to make a big mess in the classroon!
c) The teacher is not going to coming back. She lied for her students.

Osvaldo 24/10/2011

HAHAHA the comment about the Winchesters was funny! Good idea.

Gabriela 22/10/2011

The teacher is going to talk to Dean and Sam Winchester because she thinks there is a ghost in the school.
The students are gonna wait for her quietly until the ghost show up.
The teacher will come back with Sam and Dean.

André Brito 11/10/2011

1) She is going to the toilet. Your shoes broke.

2) They’ll go play football at the park. They’re studying since 7 o’clock and now they have any time free.

3) Yes, she’ll back, because, they’re waiting her. The class still not ended.

Osvaldo Jr 10/10/2011

All of you funny guys…

1. Well… she told the students there are an american friend lost in the city and called her cell phone. This friend is waiting for her and will help her with a special english class for your students!

2. Many of them are just anxiously waiting the teacher and her friend, at school. Some of them are going to read an english text.

3. We never know what may happen on future lol. I guess she’ll be back. I hope so. I believe the teacher does not like her job, but she loves it beacuse all children respect her very much lol.

julio 10/10/2011

I think this teacher will go for you house for a rest, because she don´t slept well!after two hours she will came back for your children.

zelia egidio romao d 10/10/2011

my answers: 1- she’s going until the principal room, direction warn that She just returned from the field ride with her students.
2- They must keep sit down a few minutes. Resting while wait their come back teacher.
3- Of course yes. She’ll come back . She must bring her students’ bathroom as soon as get warn her director her arrival at the school.

bobs 09/10/2011

She is going to the airport, to take a fly to another place, far from everywhere, because she doesn’t earn enought money working and teaching children. She doesn’t like her work. She’ll never come back again.

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