Como digo em inglês: Somos dois

By Ana | Podcast Inglês Online

May 10
Como digo em inglês Somos dois

Hi, all. How’s everything?

Nesse episódio do podcast Inglês Online falamos sobre expressões com MAKE.


Hello, everyone. How’s it going? Today we have a new episode of the inglesonline podcast. To download or just listen to other episodes and download transcripts, go to and click Podcast Inglesonline.

Let’s talk about a few expressions with the word make. We’ve had a podcast before that revolved around MAKE, but today we have different expressions. The first one is really easy to understand, and it is one way… It is one more way you can agree with someone, or a way to express that you feel the same way as someone else. Imagine that you’re dicussing movies with a friend. She says that she enjoys watching a good drama, but she can’t stand excessive violence in movies. You realize that your friend has described exactly the way you feel about movies, and so you say That makes two of us. What does that mean? That means that, just like your friend, you enjoy a good drama but you can’t stand watching too much violence. So when you hear your friend express her opinion, you say That makes two of us. You and I have the same opinion.

Another example: you’ve just gone through a one-hour long karate training and you feel exhausted. You think the instructor is pushing his students a little too hard. Too much weight-lifting! You don’t understand why you should have to do so much weight-lifting for a karate class. You’ve been sore for weeks, and you tell another student “I don’t know why our instructor is pushing us so hard. What’s with all the weight-lifting? I’m thinking about quitting this class”. And, to your suprise, the other guy says That makes two of us. I’m glad I’m not the only one. What is he saying? He’s saying that he feels the same way and he’s been thinking about giving up karate and taking up tap dancing. So when you tell him that you’re tired of this class and you’re thinking about quitting, he says That makes two of us.

Now let’s focus on another term that also has the words make and two, although this one is used for a different purpose. Let me give you an example: you’re at a bar with people from your office, and you order a beer. John, who’s sitting by your side, immediately tells the waitress Make it two. Make what two? Hmm… the number of beers, I guess. Instead of bringing only one bottle of beer, the waitress will bring two. So what John meant when he said Make it two was, I want the same thing that he or she just ordered. Instead of bringing just one unit of that, bring two units. Make it two.

Well, you said you wanted a beer, then John said Make it two, and then Molly, who was sitting next to John said Make it three! She wants to have beer as well. So now she’s telling the waitress that she should bring three units of beer. In Portuguese we would say something like “Pra mim também, uma cerveja” or “Mais uma pra mim”, right? In English, if the person next to you orders exactly what you want to order, you can say Make it two. Or if someone has already said Make it two because this person is ordering the same as another person, you can say Make it three, and so on.

And here’s our final expression with make: imagine you’re driving somewhere with your family. Your wife or husband, and the kids. It’s a long trip and you’re tired, and you can’t wait to get to your final destination so you can rest and relax. But one of your kids is desperate to pee, so you make a stop at a gas station, and you tell your kid Make it fast! What does that mean? That means you are telling your kid to be fast. Don’t go into the restroom and spend 5 minutes looking at yourself in the mirror; don’t go into the convenience store, don’t start a chat with the store clerk. Just get in and out as fast as you can. Make it fast.

Here’s another example: you’re waiting for an important phone call in the next thirty minutes. Your friend Melissa sees your cell phone and says Can I use your phone real quick? I just have to let my friend know that I’m going to be late. You say OK, but make it fast. I’m waiting for a life-changing phone call. Make what fast? Make ‘the act of calling your friend’ fast. Don’t be long. In my previous example, the one at the gas station, make ‘the act of going to the restroom’ fast. “Make it fast” to me sounds a bit more bossy than “Don’t be long” or “Please don’t be long”, so don’t say that to your boss, for example.

Talk to you next time.


Key expressions

  • That makes two of us
  • Make it two
  • Make it fast



sore = dolorido(a)

What’s with… ? = que que é todo esse negócio de…?

to take up (an activity) = começar a fazer uma atividade

tap dancing = sapateado

you can’t wait = você não vê a hora

bossy = mandão, autoritário

don’t be long = não demore

Gabriel 14/08/2012

Hi Ana!
First one, great podcast!
When I am at bar with my friends, we saying this way: “Make it seven…eight…nine”. rsrs
Is for this reason that my friends always are heavily drunk!

    Ana 14/08/2012

    Great example, Gabriel;)

Jeff 18/05/2012

Hello Ana!
Yesterday night I was with a friend at the bus station and we were starving! We couldn’t wait to have a quick lunch! So we went to Subway, everything I ordered my friend Fernanda wanted “Make it two” “What do you want to drink?” “Coke?’ Well, make it two! OMG :P
Great podcast!!
See you ;)

    Ana 19/05/2012

    Great example, Jeff… That happens sometimes, right?

Caroline 14/05/2012

Oi Ana! Estava navegando em busca de novos materiais pra diversificar meus estudos e encontrei este site:
É seu? Fiquei na dúvida se seria seu ou se é um plágio do seu.

    Ana 15/05/2012

    Oi Caroline, é meu sim! Esse é meu curso ;)

Manoela 14/05/2012

Hi Ana!
Could I say “You and me both”, as a alternative for “That makes two of us”?

Manu ;)

    Ana 19/05/2012

    Yes, Manoela, that works too.

Excelent podcast, Ana.. I like so much…

Diogo Higino 11/05/2012

Hello Ana, great examples. It’s until hard to think at something different by these posts.

So I have a coworker that’s feeling not get along, so he’s working at the company since 2008 and he’s really dedicate and every day look for something different to make his acts better. So these last weeks he’s feeling sad and saying when I have had a word with him that’s getting the time to ask to be to get fired, and I’m agreeing with him, so that make two of us.

Another example, I’ve lived a situation where when I was with a friend buying a pizza at a restaurant and he asked a coca, I remember that I said make it two.

Last but not least, I had a trip with the wife’s partents and I this year, of course, it was at a beginner of this year. So his father likes coffee a lot, during the trip he always aked me to stop to a fast coffee break, that’s sad, we were feeling tired and won’t keep traveling ’cause he want a beginner coffee. So I always asked him, make it fast please, we’re tired.

Thanks Ana.

    Ana 19/05/2012

    Great examples, Diogo. These really are expression for which we can find everyday examples very easily!

Tawer 11/05/2012

I’m laughing here just picturing the guys saying about quitting the karate classes to start tap dancing.

    Ana 11/05/2012


Daniele 11/05/2012

Ana, how can I download this podcasts so that I can save in my mp4 player? By the way, you do a very well job with your blog. I’m sure that it helps many people and this includes me! :)

    Diogo Higino 11/05/2012

    Hi Daniele, I guess can help you. I download every class here and listen it a lot. So the steps will be required for you are below:
    1 – Click at the link to listen the podcast, probably will open the widows media player, after click “alt” at your keybord and look for the way: arquivo>>salvar como>> choose a folder into your computer and save it.

    2 – Now with the download ended, copy the file and save it inside your MP4 device. Ready!!!

    In case you use tablet, the Apple store will be the way you need to look for the file and download it.

    Good luck, I hope you may make it easily. Good studies.

      Ana 11/05/2012

      Thanks, Diogo ;)

      Did you mean MP3 device?

      Daniele 12/05/2012

      Diogo and Ana Luiza, Thanks so much!!!! :)

Al 11/05/2012

Há tempos curto suas dicas pelo inglesonline podcast. Hoje, pela primeira vez, tentei baixar o mp3, mas, quando cliquei sobre “baixar o mp3”, simplesmente começou a executar o audio no Windows Media Player, ou seja, não abriu nenhuma opção para salvar o arquivo. Can you help me?

    Ana 11/05/2012

    Opa! Clique com botão direito do mouse > escolha Salvar Como…

      Al 11/05/2012

      Agora deu certo. Obrigado, Ana.

dbarboni 10/05/2012

Great podcast as always! I have been learning a lot with you and I got used to listening your podcast during the traffic in SP everyday.
Thank you very much! Continue with your great job because you help milions of people.

    Ailson 11/05/2012

    That makes two of us Débora when you give congratulations to Ana Luiza… I get the text’s example rrsrsrsr. I did think in a example, I am at the bakery and I tell to my friend: “I want to drink a Coca-cola”. He says: “that makes two of us”. So I order to attendant: Give me a Coca-cola please! and my friend say: “Make it two!”. How my thirsty is very strong I look to the attendant and say: Please, don’t be long, make it fast…

      Ana 11/05/2012

      Hi Ailson – you could say “I feel like a Coke” (more natural)

      Thanks you two!

      Edilza Medeiros 16/05/2012

      Sorry, but the phrase written above – I did think in a example – is correct? The correct phrase would not be “I thought in a example”? Only a doubt!

      Ailson 16/05/2012

      Good doubt Edilza… I has written this so fast that forgot. Help us Ana, please…

      Edilza Medeiros 22/05/2012

      Alison, thank you very much! Kisses!

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