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Como falo em inglês: Essa é a lista do supermercado

By Ana Luiza | Podcast Inglês Online

Apr 30
Como falo em inglês Essa é a lista do supermercado

Hi, everyone. No episódio de hoje, eu falo sobre expressões em inglês com a palavra list.


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Today we’ll talk about a few nice and easy idioms with the word LIST. Think of today’s episode as a walk in the park on a nice, sunny day. Something really easy; almost recreational. A walk in the park. That’s a really cool idiom, by the way, to describe an easy job, something that’s really easy to accomplish. So this episode is about a few very popular terms in the English language with the word LIST – and you’ll be able to quickly find your own examples.

So what is on your wish list? Let’s say, your wish list for life. A wish list is… a list of things you wish for. For example – you know They now have a Brazilian “branch”, so to speak: The original American site, however,, has been active for years and I’ve been a client of theirs for a long time. So I do have an Amazon wish list. It’s a list of items I wish to buy in the future, from the Amazon website. And what’s on my Amazon wish list: a few books about cooking; a few DVDs; and a few home appliances… one of them is a vacuum cleaner. Yep.

Anyway, that’s my Amazon wish list. Do you have a wish list somewhere online? Submarino, Americanas, or maybe Amazon? What’s on your wish list?

And here’s another very common term: shopping list. Do you actually make a list before you go, let’s say, grocery shopping? You know, when you realize you’re out of fruit, milk, meat, rice, beans, etc and then you plan a trip to the market. Do you actually write down everything you need to buy on a piece of paper? In other words, do you make a shopping list?

I have to say – I rarely ever do that, but I’ve made myself a shopping list a few times in the past before going to the market. That was after I came back from the market and realized I had forgotten a couple of itens. So I started making a list. A shopping list. Are you the kind of person who never goes shopping without your shopping list?

And here’s one term that may be less well-known to you: a laundry list of something. Usually complaints or issues. Of course, laundry list can still be used for its original meaning. If you run a dry-cleaning shop, for example – maybe you’ll ask your customers to fill in a laundry list when they come in so that you’ll be able to keep track of their items.

Nowadays, however, laundry list is more frequently used when you’re talking about a long list of something. You will frequently hear people say that someone had a laundry list of complaints about the hotel, for example. What this means is, this person had several complaints about the hotel; a really long list of complaints; a laundry list of complaints.

Another example: I have a laundry list of things to do today. A really long list. Someone said on Twitter: “I hate telling people about my laundry list of allergies”. Oh boy, can you imagine? This person has so many allergies, that he refers to them as a laundry list of allergies. One more: I have a laundry list of tasks to get through next month.

What are your examples? A laundry list of chores? Of problems? Of complaints? What about your wish and shopping lists? Let us know in the comments and talk to you next time!


  • laundry list of (something)
  • shopping list
  • wish list


a client of theirs = um cliente deles

  • roberta says:

    It was missing the bucket list!

  • Al says:

    I always go to the market with my shop list. In other way, in each three things, I forget two.

  • Jennifer says:

    Hi Ana! Well I have a long wish list, you know , somethings I want to do before I die or get too older,including specially travels.I thing life is too short and goes so fast …so I have no time to lose.And life is always more interesting when we have goals to figth for.Kisses!!

  • Jonata fontela says:

    Hi Ana,when I go shopping I write everything i need to buy on my cell phone because whenever I make a list I lose it..hehe

  • Elias says:

    The only list I have at the moment is my bucket list, you know, a slew of things I need to do before I kick the bucket. It certainly is a laundry list of things to do.

  • Hello Ann! Good morning! How’s it going!

    This is my example: ” I have a laundry list of bills to pay every month, unfortunately I can’t avoid, because it is inevitable list such as: water bill, light bill, phone bill, internet bill, supermarket bill and so on.”

    Thanks Ann, nice holiday! Today is labor day.

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