Como falo em inglês: Se ele tá achando que vai dar uma de esperto, ele que se prepare!

By Ana Luiza | Podcast Inglês Online

Jul 18
Como falo em inglês Se ele tá achando que vai dar uma de esperto, ele que se prepare!

Hi, all. No episódio de hoje, falo sobre dois idioms do inglês relacionados a dar uma de espertinho. Quando você percebe que alguém está querendo te passar a perna (if they’re trying to pull one over on you), talvez você reaja e pense “Ele que se prepare / Ele é que pensa – está muito enganado!” (He’s got another thing coming!) Eu tenho exemplos disso na minha vida e muita gente deve ter também.


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So let me introduce you to our expression of today… Picture this: You’re looking for a part-time job to supplement your income. So when your sister, Jessica, tells you that the owner of the computer shop around the corner is looking for an assistant, you decide to go check that out. Can’t hurt, right? So go to the shop and tell Mr. Stevens, the owner, that you would like to apply for the position. The two of you have a quick chat, and he tells you that he will need you in the shop about four or five hours a day, Monday through Saturday. “Perfect!”, you think. That’s just what you were looking for, so you say yes.

You’re supposed to start at the shop this coming Monday. Today is Saturday, and when you’re about to step out you bump into your sister, who’s just come back from the computer shop. She says “So, just had a quick chat with Mr. Stevens. I thought you said you were looking for a part-time job?!” Your sister looks confused. You say “That’s right. I’ve got a part time job at the computer shop!” Your sister shakes her head and says “Nah ah… That’s not what Mr. Stevens just told me. He said you’re gonna be there all day – from nine in the morning to eight pm!” And you’re like, “What? Are you sure he was talking about me? That is not what we agreed on.”

Your sister assures you that he was talking about you and your work hours. And… She says “Don’t let Mr. Stevens take advantage of you… I heard from a previous employee that he will make you work extra time every day and then try to get out of paying you for it.” You can’t believe what you just heard. Mr. Stevens! He’s already telling people that you’re going to work full time at the shop, while in reality the both of you agreed that it was going to be a part time job. You say to your sister “Well, if Mr. Stevens thinks I’m gonna work full time for a part time salary, he’s got another thing coming!” If he thinks I’m just gonna agree to that and not say a thing, he’s dead wrong! You’re going to talk to Mr. Stevens right now and make it very clear that you have agreed to take on a part time job. If Mr. Stevens thinks he can get away with this, he’s got another thing coming.

Mr. Stevens is trying to pull one over on you. He is trying to trick you into working full time for part-time pay. He is trying to pull one over on you. This is our second idiom of today, and it is related to the first expression. When someone tries to pull one over on you, this person is, as we say in Brazil, “dando uma de esperto com você.” Here’s the expression again: to pull one over on someone. That guy tried to pull one over on me. Mark pulled one over on Sarah. He convinced her to go to an expensive concert and the night before told her he had lost his wallet. She was naive and fell for it, and she ended up paying for both tickets. He really pulled one over on Sarah. I think most people can find examples in their lives of someone who tried to pull one over on them. Or maybe someone who actually did pull one over on you. Can you tell us your story? Who tried to pull one over on you? What happened? Did they get away with it?

So sometimes you realise that someone is trying to pull one over on you before they actually succeed, and then you think “Ha… If they think they’re going to pull one over on me, they’ve got another thing coming!” You’re not gonna let that happen! You’re on to them. They’ve done something wrong and now they think that if they act like nothing’s happened, that means that nothing has happened. Well, they’ve got another thing coming…

I’m waiting for your story in the comments! Talk to you next time.



  • If he thinks I’m going to do this, he’s got another thing coming
  • pull one over on someone



trick you into working full time = te passar a perna e fazer você trabalhar horário integral

she fell for it = ela caiu (na armação)

you’re on to them = você já sacou qual é a dele/dela



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Ana Luiza criou um blog de dicas de inglês em 2006, e depois de muito pesquisar o que faz alguém ganhar fluência numa segunda língua, criou seu primeiro curso de inglês em 2009.

  • Jonata fontela says:

    Hey Ana, I don’t remember a specific situation,but I’m pretty sure someone has already tried to pull one over on me because I’m kinda naive sometimes… And I tend to believe in people easily hehe :p :D I’d better change myself….

  • Hello Ann!
    This is my example: ” Because I am a nice person there are some people that try to pull one over me, unfortuntely, people don’t understand the kindness to the foolishness and change the things.” I am a fool sometimes!
    Thanks Ann!

    • Ana Luiza says:

      Hi Fátima,
      I feel like a fool sometimes as well, but nowadays I feel like I’m a bit smarter re. gauging people’s intentions – you know what I mean?

  • renato mello says:

    I listened to the history yesterday and loved it! I’m sure I’ll never let nobody pull one over me! Actually, I’m so glad for finding your website, it will improve my English listening. Thanks

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