Como falo em inglês: Ele é falso

By Ana | Podcast Inglês Online

Jan 23
Como falo em inglês Ele é falso

Hey, everybody. Neste episódio eu falo sobre duas expressões muito comuns no inglês – ambas com a palavra two.


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So today I’ve got two terms for you, both of them with the word TWO. Here we go: have you ever heard anyone say that so-and-so is two-faced? Here’s the term again: two-faced. It’s an adjective, right? We say that Josh is two-faced, for instance. So when you say “Josh is two-faced”, what do you mean by that? What you’re saying is that you think Josh is hypocritical, insincere. A flat-out lier, maybe.

If you take this expression literally, it kinda makes sense. If someone is two-faced – that would literally mean that they have two faces. They’re capable of presenting two faces to the world, depending on the situation. Let’s go back to Josh. So let’s say Josh is an acquaintance of yours, and when he’s with you… he’s really nice. He actually goes out of his way to compliment you. Basically, you think Josh is a fan of yours. So it really surprises you when you find out that Josh has been badmouthing you. He’s been doing that behind your back, obviously. So that’s pretty much it: Josh is nice to your face, but once you’ve left the room… There’s Josh badmouthing you like there’s no tomorrow. Josh puts on a nice face when you’re around, and once you’ve left he puts on a different face – the face of someone who really doesn’t like you. Josh is two-faced. He is being two-faced in his treatment of you.

I guess that is something most people will have experienced in their lives. Most of us, at one time or another, have been disappointed to find out that someone we thought of as a friend was talking about us behind our back, or spreading lies even. So let us know about your experience with two-faced people in the comments. Has anyone ever accused YOU of being two-faced? C’mon, tell us everything!

And here’s the other interesting expression of today: two-timing. As in, “I think your boyfriend is two-timing you.” So what does that mean, exactly? That basically means that I think your boyfriend is being unfaithful, he’s cheating on you. “Two-timing” can be used in a more general context, when someone is being deceitful in general, but more often than not you’ll see it applied to relationships. I’ve found an online article titled “11 Signs That He is Two-Timing You.” So, of course, the article tries to tip you off to signs that suggest your boyfriend is two-timing you – in other words, that he is cheating on you.

The article says that one of the signs is a sudden change of behavior… For example, if your boyfriend all of a sudden becomes very sweet and starts buying you presents for no reason, watch out. Here’s another sign that your boyfriend may be two-timing you, according to the article: he suddenly has lots of work. All of a sudden, he’s got this giant workload and you can’t reach him. He calls less often and when you call him, two times out of three, he doesn’t pick up. So, watch out! That may be a sign that he is two-timing you.

So what is your opinion? Do you think those are signs that someone may be two-timing their boyfriend or girlfriend? What are the other signs that someone may be two-timing their partner? Please let me know in the comments – talk to you next time!


Key terms





so-and-so = fulano de tal

a flat-out… = um ……. total

an acquaintance = um conhecido

goes out of his way to = faz até um esforço extra para

to badmouth someone = falar mal de alguém

someone we thought of as a friend = alguém que a gente considerava um amigo

behind your back = pelas suas costas

watch out = fique alerta

Andre 22/02/2015

Obrigado por esse excelente trabalho, sou uma pessoa de inglês intermediario segundo testes e escolas que estudei e com ajuda dos seus podcasts estou percebendo varias diferenças em minha confiaça para falar e ouvir melhor em inglês, obrigado mesmo.

neide 25/01/2015

E think that a boyfriend has the cel fone full of incriminating messages.

jonata fontela 25/01/2015

Hi Ana !!! What a controversial episode.. lol
Well this episode reminded me of something that happened last year, a woman I work with stole a friend of mine’s boyfriend and acted like nothing had happened… when my friend found out about the cheating she slapped the other woman in her face hahaha I thought it was fair….

    Ana 27/01/2015

    OMG!! Busy day at the office!

Conchita 24/01/2015

Hi Ana Luiza!

Other sign that someone may be two-timing it would be the boyfriend hide the cel.

    Ana 27/01/2015

    Yep, Jennifer has posted the same thing basically. No phones laying around for cheating boyfriends!

Jennifer 24/01/2015

Hi Ana!! Great post! In my opinion the main sign that someone is being cheating by a boyfriend is when the boyfriend can’t leave the cell phone anywhere, just by his side, all the time. When that happen, watch out!!!
I’ve never hearding these terms before.Two-timing someone is a interesting term…
Thx for sharing so many things with us!

    Ana 27/01/2015

    Good one, Jennifer!

Fatima Regina 23/01/2015

Hello Ann, good night!

“I think that everybody has already found someone with two faced in their lives, unfortunately, it isn’t hard to find nowadays.”
Thanks Ann, once more!

    Ana 27/01/2015

    Agreed, Fatima.

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