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Como falo em inglês: Estou com uma sensação estranha

By Ana Luiza | Podcast Inglês Online

Apr 18
Inglês Online Estou com uma sensação estranha

Hi, everyone.  Hoje falamos sobre idioms super comuns no inglês com as palavras funnycomedy.


Hi, everyone. This is the new episode of the Inglês Online podcast.

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So let’s just say you’re on your way to see a play at the theatre with your friends Jay and Trey, and then Jay says “I’ve got a funny feeling about tonight.” Now, what does Jay mean by “a funny feeling”? Let’s hear it: Jay goes on to say that he thinks something’s gonna go wrong tonight. There may be an accident with one of the actors; you may never get to the theatre because you’ll get lost; maybe someone very tall will sit right in front of you and you won’t be able to see a thing; maybe the snack bar will be out of your favourite snack and it just will not be the same without it.

Whatever it is, Jay can’t say. He’s just got a funny feeling about tonight. So a funny feeling is kind of an intuition. It’s not a feeling about something being really funny in a comedic sense; it’s more of a premonition. You have known Jay for years and you know that he’s a little psychic, and… he’s usually spot on. It turns out Jay was right once again. The theatre had to be evacuated halfway through the play due to a bomb threat!

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So that’s what it means when somebody says they’ve got a funny feeling about something. They don’t mean funny ha-ha, they mean a weird feeling. An intuition. A comedy is funny… Right? What kind of funny? Funny ha-ha (hopefully). A circus clown is usually funny ha-ha. When your friend Jay says he’s got a funny feeling, though, he doesn’t mean funny ha-ha, he means the other kind of funny: funny peculiar; a weird feeling.

Here’s something you will often hear from characters in movies or TV shows: “This feels funny.” When a character says that, they usually don’t mean that it feels funny, as in funny ha-ha. They mean that it feels funny as in, funny peculiar. In other words, whatever situation they’re in, it feels a bit weird.

And here’s another one before we wrap up: cut the comedy. You say this to someone when you want them to stop acting silly, horsing around and so on. Let’s say you’re having a meeting with your teammates. You’re thirty minutes into the meeting and everyone is still babbling about the weekend, laughing and teasing each other. You, on the other hand, have to be somewhere after the meeting so you finally say “Ok everyone, let’s cut the comedy and get to work, shall we?”

I wanna hear your example. Can you remember the last time you had a funny feeling about something? Let me know in the comments, and talk to you next time!

Key terms

  • a funny feeling
  • funny ha-ha
  • cut the comedy


you have known Jay for years = você conhece o Jay há anos

to be spot on = acertar na mosca

to horse around = ficar brincando, falando bobeira

you’re (x) minutes into the meeting = já faz (x) minutos que começou a sua reunião

Shall we? = Vamos? (pode ser usada também ao final de uma sugestão, instrução, etc)



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  • Denis Monteiro says:

    Hi Ana!

    Congratulations! Your podcast is awesome!

    Listening to this episode I had a doubt. What’s the difference between “I have this funny feeling…” and “I have a bad feeling”?

    Thanks a lot!

  • Albukerk says:

    Thank you Ana Luiza for that amazing podcast, I’ve been learning a lot with your help.

  • Maurício says:

    I hear this expression all the time but I always think that it’s funny haha… now it makes sense.

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