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Como falo em inglês: Ai, que dor!

By Ana Luiza | Podcast Inglês Online

Oct 25
Inglês Online Ai que dor

Hello, everybody.

Hoje eu falo sobre palavrinhas em inglês chamadas interjections – super comuns e bacanas. Não deixe de conferir!


Hello, everybody. You’re listening to the new episode of the Inglês Online podcast, and today I’m talking about interjections.

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So, you know those little words or phrases that we use… generally at the beginning of a sentence, to express some kind of emotion? Like Wow, what a nice house! Or Ugh… That sucks. So wow and ugh are what we call interjections. We have them in Portuguese as well, obviously, and in every language, probably.

Let’s go through a few today. If someone throws something at you all of a sudden and it hurts, you’ll say Ouch! You can also say the shorter version Ow! That’s quite common. Not “Ai!” though… That’s what we say in Brazil and it doesn’t work in English.

Here’s one I say all the time – very respectfully: Jesus! That, to me, expresses surprise or astonishment. There’s also a shorter, more popular version of that – Jeez! Another one of my favourites is Whoa. I say that a lot, when I’m totally caught by surprise by something or someone. For example, “Whoa. You don’t like chocolate! Are you serious?”

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And here’s one we say to agree with what somebody else just said: Amen! Your friend says “I’m so relieved the company’s given us Monday off to watch the Big Brother final” and you say “Amen to that”. Or, your brother says “Thank goodness we didn’t go to the beach today. The weather was awful” and you agree: Amen!

And how about this one – aww… That’s when you think something or someone is cute, adorable, sweet and so on. That’s a very frequent one, and… mostly used by the ladies. If you’re used to watching American TV shows and films, no doubt you’ve heard that one a lot. Let’s say your friend shows you a picture of her new puppy dog, who’s obviously super cute. You go “Aww…” That’s pretty much it.

And here’s one that expresses fear, or a bit of surprise, but with a negative connotation: Yikes! Let’s say your coworker Danny is telling you how, on the way back from his holiday, he got a flat tire and he and his family had to spend the night in a hotel room with cockroaches crawling all over the floor. Yikes!… That is a very suitable reaction to this story. Yikes…

There are so many others that we hear all the time. Goodness! Oh my gosh. Bingo!… when someone gets something right or is spot on. Alright! Anyways… All these little words – can you remember a few? Let me know your examples in the comments, and talk to you next time!

Key expressions




is spot on = está precisamente correto (no que disse)


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  • Aline says:

    Hey Ana! I’m from south of Brazil and I love your podcasts!!
    I have a question, Can you explain me about the differences between ill, Sick, flu and Cold? Thank you very much, And please tell me if I made some mistake in my message. Kisses

  • Anderson says:

    Hello, all!

    I appreciate your job. Very thanks for your contribution.

    Until the next podcast.

  • Fabiano says:

    Hello there,

    I am using Podcasts app from iPhone and I love your podcasts!
    But you know what I notice… a lot of podcasts I can’t see the hole transcription just a part and this: […]
    it is really sucks

    Btw, keep posting! :)
    See you around

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