Como falo em inglês: Ele está passando por uma fase

By Ana | Podcast Inglês Online

Jul 24
Inglês Online Ele está passando por uma fase

How’s it going?

Hoje eu falo sobre duas expressões super comuns com phasefaze.


How’s it going? You’re listening to the new episode of the Inglês Online podcast. Thank you for telling everyone you know about this podcast and, enjoy!

Our idiom today is really simple. We say something very similar in Brazil. “Ele tá passando por uma fase”. He’s going through a phase. Example: you bump into your friend Sally in the mall and she says “Have you seen Martin lately? I saw him last night at the pub and he looked like death. What is going on?”

And you say “Oh, don’t worry about Martin. He’s just going through a phase of rethinking his whole life, apparently and he’s let himself go a little bit. He was fired from his job but, like I said, don’t worry – he’s fine. He really didn’t like his job anyway. So now he’s thinking about what he’s going to do. It’s just a phase.”

So your friend Martin is just going through a phase, or so you hope! He’ll probably be back on his feet in a couple of months or so. And if he isn’t, you’re ready to be there for him, be a good friend, listen to him, have a chat and even tell him he needs to get his act together if it comes to that.

Some people go through a phase of being into gardening, or cooking, or listening to punk rock. I remember when my friend went through a phase of going jogging every day. It was just a phase, and it lasted about three months. Turns out she didn’t really like jogging. What about you? Tell me about your phases.

Now the other word we have for today sounds the same, but the spelling is completely different. When we say “go through a phase”, phase is spelled p-h-a-s-e. The “faze” I’m talking about now, however, is spelled f-a-z-e. Faze. So let me give you an example of how to use faze with a Z.

My friend Jane and I went to a bar last week and they asked us to show some ID at the entrance. Jane was upset, mad even, but it didn’t faze me. I didn’t care, it didn’t bother me. It didn’t faze me. Then the next day Jane and I went to this burger place where they make our favourite burger. We were really looking forward to it. Well, we get there and the guy behind the counter tells us they’re “out of burgers tonight”. Everything else on the menu – feel free to order. Not burgers, though. Not tonight. I was really disappointed. I was so disappointed I almost cried, seriously. Not Jane though. It didn’t faze her, and she likes that burger even more than I do. But it really didn’t faze her.

This is a very good word because it’s something that happens all the time, isn’t it? Different people are subjected to the same situation and react very differently. You and your friend go through something; you have a strong reaction but your friend isn’t fazed. Certain things really bother your brother or your sister but when the same thing happens to you, you’re not fazed.

I’m curious to know about the things that faze or don’t faze you – let me know and talk to you next time!

Key expressions

  • go through a phase
  • faze


he looked like death = estava com uma cara péssima, acabado

let yourself go = parar de cuidar de si mesmo, ficar com aparência ruim

be there for someone = estar disponível para dar apoio a alguém

PRISCILLA 18/09/2017

Morning dear… I love your podcasts, and I´m anxious to next theme … In this podcast, something what do faze me is the miss your new podcast… hugs

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Andre Santos 11/09/2017

come back luiza, please. your podcasts are awesome

Rômulo 27/08/2017

Hi, Ana Luiza. I miss you !!!! I love you and your podcasts. Where are you ?????

    Ana 17/09/2017

    Coming back soon :-)

André 30/07/2017

Seems that do not to found the print Button really faze some readers. But they should seek for It a little bit more

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    Na coluna de ícones à direita, Reinaldo.


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