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Como falo em inglês: Tenta! Quem sabe você gosta?

By Ana Luiza | Podcast Inglês Online

Oct 08
Como falo em inglês Tenta! Quem sabe você gosta

How’s it going? Hoje eu foco em um idiom que eu já usei muito nos podcasts do Inglês Online quando explicava outros idioms. Mas no episódio de hoje, ele é o centro das atenções. Não perca!


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So, if your friend Jim comes up to you and says “You know, I’ve been thinking about learning how to cook. Just thinking! I haven’t cooked anything yet. Not even close. Still eating frozen lasagna every day. But I’m thinking it would be good to learn and make some food”.

So, you just say  “Give it a go! Just go and do it, see how it turns out. It’ll probably be better than frozen pasta”.

Give it a go! Just give it a go. If you’ve been listening to the Inglês Online podcast for a while, you have definitely heard me use this idiom dozens of times, like dozens of times. If this is the case for you, today I want to make sure you’ll hear it many more times and that you will be soon on your way to saying it spontaneously to the next person that tells you “Hey, I feel like trying this or that.” You’ll just open your mouth and say “Give it a go! Why not?”. Well, unless you have a good reason to tell them not to, of course.

So, check out what this (apparently famous) person tweeted out:

So, she’s going through the last few days of her pregnancy and she’s thinking that watching a fun reality show will help her get through it. And her question is, should she give “Southern Charm” a go? I’ve no idea, I’ve never watched it but you get the gist.

Your friend says “I like that girl. Should I ask her out?” You say “Yeah, ask her out. Give it a go. You’ll never know if you don’t”.

Your father’s trying to show you how to drive a tractor. You’re sitting by his side watching him drive, and he says “Hey, it’s your turn now. Let’s swap seats so you can give it a go”.

Your friend Anna says “My friends want to go scuba-diving. I’m not crazy about scuba-diving… and I’m not going” So, you know Anna has never tried it so you say “Hey, give it a go! You never know – you might like it!”.

And sometimes you give something a go, and it turns out you don’t like it, or it doesn’t work for you, it’s not what you expected, whatever. In these cases, you can say “Hey, I gave it a go, and it didn’t work. I didn’t like it. It wasn’t what I expected”.

I was once watching an interview with a girl who said she liked a boy and she told him that she liked him a few times, and tried to sort of get him to go out with her, and he still wasn’t interested. The girl said “I gave it a good go but it didn’t work”.

I gave it a good go. I really tried. I put a good amount of effort into it and it still didn’t work.

So, please tell me – when did you last give something a good go, and it turned out that it didn’t really work? See you soon!


Key expressions

  • Give (something) a go



to turn out = resultar, revelar-se, acabar em

be on the/your way to something = estar prestes ou próximo de conseguir fazer ou alcançar algo

you get the gist = você entendeu (o que eu quis dizer)

to ask someone out = convidar alguém para sair

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