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By Ana | Podcast Inglês Online

Oct 25
Podcast Passwords

Hi, there. Hoje eu falo sobre…. senhas! Como você escolhe as suas? Eu conto como escolho as minhas. Enjoy :)


Hi, everyone, how’s it going? How are you doing?

Welcome to another episode of the Inglês Online podcast. You know what I was thinking about, today and yesterday… a little bit yesterday? Passwords. I’m just moving browsers, I’m just kind of switching from Chrome over to Firefox, which I used ages ago.

I was a very loyal user of Firefox until… it just became a bit clunky and it wasn’t working so well. I kind of abandoned it and switched over to Chrome… but now it’s the opposite. Chrome doesn’t suit me anymore, it’s just… I just don’t like the fact that I use so many Google products. I don’t fully trust Google to take care of my personal information. Basically I think I’m giving Google too much personal information. I’m kind of trying to disentangle myself from Google a little bit and Chrome happens to not be working so well.

Chrome sometimes is way slower than other browsers. I’ve tested the same URL on different browsers and Chrome usually comes last, and it just takes up a lot of memory, I found. I’m kind of ditching it for now and it looks like Firefox was completely overhauled, which is great, and I hear it’s awesome. I’m moving everything over to Firefox now.

I started dealing with my passwords and I realized that most of my passwords are something that I can kind of remember, or that I think I can remember, you know what I mean? My passwords are usually a combination of words that mean something to me, like places that mean something to me or people, dates… It’s usually what I use for passwords, which I’ve heard is a bit risky.

Obviously, I try to mix things up and I try to use characters, because… I mean, this is 2019 and obviously we have to be careful, but what I realized was… You know when you go to a website and you’re signing up and you have to come up with a password?

And sometimes your browser will offer up a password that is really complicated – it’s this combination of 20 different letters and symbols and numbers… There’s no way you can memorize that and I realized that I never, I never accept that. I always end up going with my own little combination. Like I said: letters and numbers that mean something to me, and as a result I have sort of a handful of combinations that I use in a lot of places, let’s put it this way.

And even with such a small number of passwords, and passwords that are not that complicated, I need sort of a notepad. I have a page on one of the Google services – I think it’s Google Contacts. I created a page where I write down all my passwords for every website and I frequently have to go to this Google Contacts page and look for my password because I can’t remember…

I’m wondering, what do you guys do? How do you guys manage your passwords? Is there an easier way? And by the way, I found this page yesterday that lists the 50,000 most common passwords. Can you guess what the top one is? The most common password that people use?

That’s right! It’s the word ‘password’. Yes, there are still people that use the word password, oh my God… I’m not that creative with my passwords, but I wouldn’t go that far and use the word password (or in Brazil ‘senha’). Just a few curious ones here: Number 8 is ‘superman’. Number 11 is the name ‘jennifer’. Number 13 is ‘Iloveyou’ and number 14 is ‘starwars’. And I searched the word ‘senha’ on this list and it actually shows up twice. One is ‘minhasenha’ and the other one is ‘senha123’. If you’re using one of these two: ‘minhasenha’ or ‘senha123’, I think it’s time to change your passwords.

Tell me what you think, tell me how you handle your passwords, tell me if… let me know if you’re just like me – if you end up using words and numbers that have personal meaning to you, or if you usually accept those complicated suggestions from your browser in order to be safer.

Talk to you guys soon. Bye!


switching from Chrome over to Firefox = mudando do Chrome para o Firefox

clunky = desajeitado, desengonçado, confuso

Chrome doesn’t suit me anymore = Chrome não me atende/serve/agrada mais

disentangle = se livrar ou se desvencilhar de algo

ditch something = largar ou abandonar algo

overhauled = passado de overhaul e significa reformular, remodelar ou revisar algo

come up with = bolar, imaginar, inventar algo

handful = um punhado

how you handle your passwords = como você lida/administra as suas senhas

end up = “acabar” no sentido de terminar fazendo algo que você não estava necessariamente planejando fazer

Luiz Cezer 13/11/2019

The way I handle this situation is using an app to handle my passwords, it is called “Last Pass”. It is responsible to handle password for different websites and is it very useful, you only need to remember the master password.

The tradeoff is that if you expose this app to a bad person, it will have access to all your passwords.

    Ana 14/11/2019

    I know, still sounds like a great solution though! Thanks, I may give it a try

Paulo Collares 29/10/2019

I use a paid app to manage my passwords, the Lastpass, it is wonderful, i only have to rebember one single password, that one to unlock the app.

    Ana 07/11/2019

    Sounds awesome – thanks for the tip! Is it easy to access on your mobile?

      Luiz Cezer 13/11/2019

      Hey Ana!

      It is easy to access through the browser using a plugin and also, you can download the mobile app to your smartphone too.

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