Edição extraordinária: Problema para assinar?

By Ana | Podcast Inglês Online

Nov 03

Neste episódio eu peço a você que me escreva ou deixe um comentário abaixo se estiver com problema para assinar o feed do Podcast Inglês Online. Pra que a gente entenda o que está acontecendo, é sempre útil saber qual app e sistema você está usando (exemplo: app “Podcasts” no iPhone).

E é claro que eu dou essa mensagem em inglês no formato de episódio do pod – afinal, listening nunca é demais e qualquer coisa é desculpa para mais um episódio :-) Enjoy!


Hi, everyone, how’s it going? This is an extraordinary edition, or episode, of the podcast Inglês Online, just because I wanted to talk to you guys about something that’s going on with the podcast.

I have been getting a few messages from listeners that… They’re having a hard time subscribing to the podcast, but I didn’t get a lot of detail yet. A couple of people just left a couple of reviews on my podcast saying that they’re not able to subscribe and that’s fine… But I would like to ask you — if you’re a listener and you’re trying to subscribe to the podcast, and you’re getting an error message saying that the feed cannot be found or something isn’t working… Please send me an email at analuiza @ inglesonline.com.br and let me know exactly what’s going on, including which app you’re using okay and if it’s Android or iOS.

For example: “I’m trying to use the app “Podcasts” on my iPhone or on my iPad and it’s not working” or “I’m using Android, I’m using the app XYZ and I’m getting this error message”. If you can send me a screenshot of the error message you’re getting — that’s even better. That’s going to be super useful for me to troubleshoot. I have been aware that there’s been… that there’s a bit of a problem with the feed of the podcast for a little while. I’ve gotten in touch with a couple of people but unfortunately I haven’t been successful in finding someone who can help me fix this issue yet.

I think this week I should be able to find someone to work on this and finally fix the feed. I would ask you — just a little bit more patience and if you can do what I said that would be excellent: if you’re having trouble subscribing to the podcast, just let me know which app you’re using, which system… If it’s Android or iOS, or if you’re doing it directly on iTunes. Although I don’t think you’re going to have a problem with iTunes —  because I just tested it and it’s working fine. And then if you can send me a screenshot — that’s really helpful as well.

This is our podcast for today. I thought I’d record this message so it’s just one more thing for you guys to listen to. We don’t have the transcript for this one yet… Professor Marcelo is going to take care of that tomorrow… But there you go.

You guys — I hope you’re enjoying your Sunday and let me know if you’re having any issues with the podcast. Speak to you soon. Bye.

Marcos 04/11/2019

Hi, Ana. I m not sure you will read this. Anyway you Your Podcasts are awesome! Thanks so much for such a brilliant work. I wish you raise something about phrassl verbs delving into their peculiarities and complexity due to be a commomplace in American everyday vocabulary. I’ll surely he delighted listening to it.
Ah, by the way, my Samsing Note8 android runs your podcasts perfectly.
Kisses and write back.

    Ana 07/11/2019

    Yes, I’m reading it :)

    Thanks, Marcos. More phrasal verbs, noted.

    Good to know you’re enjoying the podcasts..

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