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By Ana | Podcast Inglês Online

Apr 27

What’s going on? Gravei o episódio de hoje enquanto fazia compra em um supermercado online. Você usa esse tipo de site no Brasil? Conte. Mas primeiro, ouça e enjoy :)

Fique de orelha em pé para as pronúncias destas palavras (que muita gente erra!): AISLE, CUPBOARD e BISCUIT


Hello. How have you been? All good? So, so? Whatever is going on and however you are, right now you’re here listening to the podcast… to the Inglês Online podcast. That is a good thing. I hope overall everything is going well.

Today we have a new episode, and I was just browsing a website for… It’s a supermarket that has this online delivery service and I was browsing the pages and seeing how it works. Obviously we’re now in coronavirus lockdown. I live in the UK, in the United Kingdom, if this is your first time listening to the podcast. Things here are a bit stricter than in Brazil from what I’ve heard when talking to people in Brazil.

Here, we can only leave the house… We’re self distancing – we can only leave the house to actually go buy food, to go to the hospital or see a doctor, and exercise once a day. Oh… and if we’re… what they call ‘essential workers’, we can leave the house and go to work. For example, people who work in basic transportation services, like trains and the tube. Or if I’m a hospital worker – obviously I can leave the house to go to the hospital.

I was looking at this website… It’s an online delivery service of groceries, or everything that you would find in a really good supermarket. There’s a bit of electronics, there’s a bit of clothing, things for your kitchen, for dining, cutlery, plates, small appliances… Here in the United Kingdom lots and lots and lots of people who didn’t use to order groceries online, are doing so for obvious reasons right now. But I imagine that the same happened in Brazil: online delivery services of every kind have probably seen an increase in demand.

I’m looking here at the website and just sort of thinking back… When all I used to see in front of me was American English, mostly, and just noticing tiny differences here and there. For example, you know when you shop online and they call it ‘shopping cart’? It’s the place… when you click on an item. I want to buy this item, it gets placed in the shopping cart or the shopping basket and here in the supermarket they call it trolley, which is a very common word here in the UK. People rarely use the word ‘cart’ in that sense.

And I’m looking at the aisles – when you walk the aisles of a physical supermarket, you look to your right and you see the shelves. Let’s say, with tons of biscuits, and sliced bread, confectionery, candy… That’s the aisle with everything that is sweet, let’s say, sweet snacks. Then you go around that aisle and you see a different aisle with flours: wheat flour, almond flour, or ingredients for cooking – sugar, eggs and things like that. That’s a different aisle.

In the online supermarket website, we see the aisles as what… They call it aisles, although obviously they’re virtual aisles. I see Fresh, I see Food cupboard – notice the pronunciation of this word, ‘cupboard’. It’s an interesting pronunciation. And then I see Bakery, Frozen, Baby and child, Toiletries, Household and so on.

I’m clicking on the Food cupboard aisle now. And then I clicked again, because it’s… It’s got different groups of things under it. I clicked again on Biscuits and I’m seeing all kinds of energy bars and fruit bars, and there’s something called energy ball. These little balls… It’s like an energy bar, but it’s just a ball. It’s obviously smaller, it’s a bit cheaper – but still expensive, because it’s supposed to give you a lot of energy. I don’t know… What do you guys think? Do you eat energy bars? And do you think it makes any difference?

Here’s another thing that I can see in the Biscuits aisle, which is a kind of biscuit that I don’t know if we have that in Brazil… It’s called “digestive” –  digestive biscuits. Obviously it’s a kind of biscuit that if you eat… It’s got a lot of fiber and it’s going to help with your digestion.

Let’s pick up the pace a little bit. I’m clicking here and I’m putting a bunch of stuff in the trolley and then, obviously, what I have to do is check out. And when I’m about to check out the website asks me to book a delivery. I have already registered in this website, I have typed in my address and my credit card information. Now I’m checking out, and that’s it.

Tell me something: Are you taking the chance to go every day for a walk when you go to the supermarket to buy some food? Or have you started to use… a delivery service? They can be a bit expensive. I don’t like to use them all the time but they are convenient.

Let me know. What are you doing? Talk to you next time.


stricter = mais rigoroso/rígido

basic transportation services = serviços de transporte básico

the tube = metrô no inglês britânico. Nos Estados Unidos o comum é ‘subway’

cutlery = talheres

appliances = eletrodomésticos

thinking back = pensar sobre algo no passado, relembrar. Geralmente seguido de to ou on.

confectionery = tudo que for barra de chocolate, bala, etc é chamado genericamente de ‘confectionery’

shopping cart ou trolley = cesto ou carrinho de compras

pick up the pace = acelerar ou aumentar o ritmo, apertar o passo

book a delivery = agendar uma entrega

taking the chance = aproveitando a oportunidade

Nota: go to the hospital, como eu usei, é mais comum nos EUA enquanto que go to hospital é mais comum no Reino Unido.

Carolina Muniz 03/05/2021

My teacher showed me this blog, podcasts are very useful.

But I am really sad, because a year had passed since this podcast and in Brazil we’re still living hard times.
So, i’ve been using the online services for everything, I only go out when is necessary.
Thanks for share ;)

Laudeci 21/01/2021

Estou concluindo este ano o curso de letras inglês pela UFPI, e estou muito interessada em aprender a pronúncia. esse site, me veio no momento adequado. porque tudo sobre pronuncia está me puxando, ou seja, neste momento estou bem focada pelo idioma.

ALYSSON 16/10/2020

Hi Ana, in my city all of the people think the pandemic it’s over, but its very far this. So i going out my house just in urgent cases such as supermarket, pharmacy or this kind of thing.

Marcos 03/06/2020

Hi, Ana. I’m buying some food once a week. I never used delivery service. I prefer to buy at the supermarket.

Wallace 25/05/2020

Hello, Ana. I’ve been using delivery services, and get out to the supermarket and drugstore to buy the essential things once or twice a week. It’s a chance to gets out home and relax a little althought the afraid of Covid in those places are big. In Federal District, our government has authorized a lot of type of companies to get opened, but the died statistics have been increasing. I supposed this pandemy is in high level in this month and I believe asap we can live normally. Glad to you to get another interesting podcast with many new words. God bless you!

    Wallace 25/05/2020

    Escrevi errado although. Sorry! kkk

Izilda 20/05/2020

Olá Ana, comigo td bem. Pertenço ao grupo de risco (62), por isso, ñ saio. Trabalho de casa, estudo e atualmente colaborando fazendo máscaras para doação. Aqui no Brasil as coisas estão bem complicadas, tanto na saúde, economia e na política. Agora q comecei a passar por aqui e estudar inglês e estou gostando. Grata por oferecer está oportunidade. Sucesso para você

Elaine Fecchio 13/05/2020

Hello Ana , thanks for more one podcast.
Here in São Paulo, where I live, things are also difficulties ..
I´m working from home since March,17th and using for the first time, all kinds of delivery services.
Buying food by what´s up, website, or in places that deliver using the driving thru.
So, that is the best thing, see how people can be creative to adapt the services considering our new reality.
Take Care , stay healthy and safe :)

Ronimack 12/05/2020

It’s my first podcast here and i love it!

Congratulations for the material, it’s very good.

I’ll listen others, thanks.

Zanoldor 29/04/2020

Hello Ana, It was a very good podcast. Thank you.
I’m learning English, so I’ll try writing in English! Please, let me know my mistakes.
When I was reading I saw digestive biscuits… oh my god! I remembered that I tasted it, it was really very good. I let the link here if you have the opportunity to eat the dark chocolate digestive biscuits I think you’ll love it. (https://drinklabkh.store/collections/confectionery/products/dark-chocolate-digestive-biscuits)

    Ana 30/04/2020

    Thanks Zanoldor- my favourite kind of biscuit is still shortbread… but these digestives are really good too :)

Andrea 29/04/2020

Obrigada por sempre compartilhar conteúdos interessantes!

jemandbr 29/04/2020

Great Ana, thanks for the class.

Diana Cezar 28/04/2020

Sensacional!! Muito obrigada!!

    Ana 28/04/2020

    Thanks, Diana ;) É ótimo ouvir que os podcasts são úteis.

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