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Inglês com Cartoons #49: Those people liked sports

By Ana | Inglês com Cartoons

Jan 25

Hello! Aqui vai mais um cartoon para o seu inglês. Tem uma imagem com apenas uma fala, algumas perguntas e um exemplo. Use a imaginação para dar suas próprias respostas em inglês nos comentários.

Inglês com cartoons #49


 (a) Who are “those people”? Quem são “aquelas pessoas”?

 (b) Who is the woman holding the sports equipment? Quem é a mulher segurando o equipamento esportivo?

 (c) Who is the other woman (in the dress)? Quem é a outra mulher (de vestido)?

 Minhas respostas

(a) They’re people who passed away and left everything to this charitable organization. São pessoas que faleceram e deixaram tudo para essa organização de caridade.

(b) She’s in charge of the storage room. Ela é responsável pelo depósito.

(c) She is the director of this charitable organization. Ela é a diretora dessa organização de caridade.


Aquelas pessoas definitivamente gostavam de esportes!


                 E você? Quais seriam as suas respostas?

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E aqui vai o PDF com o cartoon anterior – Skirts – com
todas as respostas (editadas quando necessário) para quem quiser
guardar. Obrigada a todos que tem deixado respostas!


  • Cassis Cilene says:

    Esta certo escrever:
    The stony ground to hurt my or mine foot.

  • Evertones says:

    I´ll say something extremely bad, that will make angry every girl that was seeing this page:

    a) They are the husbands of the girls that are show in the picture. At this moment, the womans are doing they packages, because the two couples will take a vacation together. 

    b)She is the number one wife, that was arraging the materials for his husband.

    c) She is the another wife.

    I think that maybe in the next cartoon I will imagine a litlle less than I did today!

  • Luiz Carlos ( Canadian-Brazilian) says:

    1)They very close friends who had lived a diferent life style.
    2) Her name is Maggie, She had dedicated her life pratcing differnt types of sports.
    3) Her name is Kate, She has always been worried about her appearence. She wants keep beauty and charming.

  • GBatista says:

    a)They were tourists. They went away this morning and forgot their sports equipments in the hotel.
    b)She is a receptionist who found their equipments.
    c)She’s her manager.

  • Ana Luiza says:

    I love reading all these creative answers!

  • Ana Luiza says:

    Ira, don`t be so hard on yourself smile You did great

  • Josimar Machado. says:

    a) They’re rich people who wanted to donate all these sports equipment to a public school.
    b) She’s the woman who started the campaign.
    c) She’s friend of that other woman and she is impressed about her friend generosity.

  • Iramaia says:

    a)They are retired sports pro.
    b)She is the principal of a school whose sports equipments have been donated.
    c)She’s one of the school students.

    Phew! Sometimes my head seems like an empty bag, nothing comes up.I’d say always instead of sometimes. Anyway, this is the only thing I could think about.

  • Queta says:

    I don’t know where I can write my answers. May I write here?
    a) They’re people who needed extra money and sold their sports equipment to their neighbor and best friend. 
    b) She is their neighbor and best friend.
    C) She is a new neighbor who wants information about garage sale.

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