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Teste seu inglês: Prefixos

By sergio | Teste Seu Inglês

Jan 27

O teste de hoje é sobre prefixos em inglês.

Prefixos em inglês

8 Questões

O quiz de hoje é sobre prefixos.

Escolha a melhor alternativa para cada questão

1. 1º What you're saying is totally _____ logical.

2. 2º Do you really think that nobody is ______ replaceable?

3. 3º I avoid talking to her because she's very _____ polite.

4. 4º We're having all these problems because of your _______ ability to deal with our customers.

5. 5º I always _____ pronounce this word.

6. 6º The company went bankrupt due to _______ administration.

7. 7º What can the government do in order to reduce social _____ equality?

8. 8º I'm sorry, but I ____ believe your story.


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  • BILL says:


  • Sérgio says:

    Thank you guys.

    You’re IRreplaceable!

    Your dedication shines through. I really admire it!



  • Queta says:

    Not too bad, but I needed to try again again again…until to get it right. I really need to study more about prefix. It was a good test; I loved it. Ana, thanks!

  • silvio says:

    not to bad a had 63%

  • Jeymson says:

    The result of my test: Poor :((
    I had a very bad results, prove of I need to study, many mistakes in my quiz, but I’ll be better next time.
    Thaks by while… Cya

  • Iramaia says:

    The result of my test: Poor :(
    I got just 50% right.But I don’t feel UNable (yes, we don’t say INable)to learn.Forget about inability, inequality. With a computer everyone can learn English.I wish you better luck with the test than I had.
    Thanks teacher Sérgio,you’re irreplaceable!

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