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Compreensão de texto: summer jobs

By Ana | Compreensão de Texto

Feb 01
Inglês - Compreensão de texto summer jobs

O texto de hoje é sobre o summer job (trabalho de verão) de uma moça.

It’s easy to find a summer job in this town because there are plenty of restaurants and bars that need extra help in the tourist season.

I’ve had a lot of different jobs here – I’ve been a pizza delivery person, a babysitter, a kitchen assistant… but this is the first time I’ve worked in a bar. The pay is alright and people here are cool, but I have to put up with late hours… oh, and drunk customers once in a while.

I’ve been here for about two months now. All in all, I like it, but the best part is – I have already saved enough money to spend a couple of weeks in New York visiting my old college roommate Christine.

We have been best friends since we were eighteen years old.

Chris has been here to visit me twice, so now it’s my turn to visit her. I’ve never been to New York before so I’m really looking forward to this trip.

I’ve already booked the flight, bought new clothes and arranged with a neighbor to water my plants while I’m out. I can’t wait!


plenty of = muitos

to put up with = aguentar

late hours = horas de trabalho tarde da noite

once in a while = de vez em quando

roommate = pessoa com quem você divide um quarto (também usada quando se divide a casa)

it’s my turn = é a minha vez

I’m looking forward to = quero muito, estou animada para isso

book a flight = reservar um vôo

arranged with a neighbor = combinei com um(a) vizinho(a)

water my plants = regar minha plantas

I can’t wait = não vejo a hora

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