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Podcast: facing difficulties

By Ana Luiza | Podcast Inglês Online

Mar 15
Inglês - Podcast facing difficulties

Hoje temos um podcast que fala sobre algumas expressões comuns relacionadas a enfrentar situações difíceis.


Hey, what’s up? This is Ana Luiza with a new episode of the inglesonline podcast. To download or just listen to other episodes and download transcripts, go to inglesonline.com.br and click Podcast Inglesonline.

So a few weeks ago inglesonline reader Camilla wrote in with a request. She said “Why don’t you talk about vocabulary related to difficult situations people go through?” I thought it was a good idea, so.. here it is!

First off, let’s use this little phrase that I just said, “difficult situations people go through”. What are some examples of difficult situations that many people go through? Here are a few things that Camilla suggested: falling in public.. you know? Taking a tumble in front of many people. Having your heart broken, getting fired…

And, of course, there are many people who face serious difficulties throughout their lives, one after another. For example, some people are financially poor and have a big family to support, some people lose several family members in a short period of time, others have a serious illness… It’s common to say something like “Sarah has been through a lot”, for example. What does that mean? Sarah has been through a lot. That means Sarah has faced lots of difficulties in her life. She’s still alive, right? So I am not saying “Sarah had difficulties…” in the past, ’cause that would sound like Sarah is dead. I’m speaking in general. She’s still alive so, Sara has had, Sarah has faced lots of difficulties throughout her life. Sarah has been through a lot. She’s been through a lot. And she has probably overcome most of the obstacles or all of the obstacles that she has encountered in her life. So again, we can say “Sarah has been through a lot”. She’s been through a lot.

And here’s something else that you’ll hear a lot: when you’re talking to someone who has been through a lot and, you know, now this person has just received some really good news, or something really great has happened in their life… you could say “You deserve it. You’ve been through so much!”. What are you saying to this person? You’re saying that he or she deserves this great thing that’s going on right now in their life. They deserve it, since they have been through so much. This person has faced so many difficulties, he or she has been through some hard times, it hasn’t been easy. So, now that something wonderful has happened to them, you’re really happy for them and you can say “You deserve this. You really deserve it.. you’ve been through so much!”

Now, well… some things are not that serious, right? Like falling in public. I think it’s safe to say this has happened to everyone at least once. Maybe you’re walking down the street, minding your own business and then you step on a banana peel, and you slip, and you fall. Has that ever happened to you? I’ve never slipped on a banana peel, but… yes, I have fallen in public a few times. So, last time that happened to you, how did you feel and how did you He's doing a somersaultrecover?

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I did a search on Google and I found a webpage with this  question: Have you ever taken a tumble in public? What hurt most: the fall, or your pride? Tumble kinda sounds like Portuguese, right? We say “tombo”, they say tumble. So the question on that page is “Have you ever  taken a tumble in public? What hurt most: the fall, or your pride?” Now take a look at this image here to the right. Do you see what this guy’s doing? That’s called a somersault, that’s like an acrobatic leap that gymnasts do. Now go to the page and take a look at some of the answers, in particular #15, my favorite.

OK, that’s it for today. Have you ever faced serious difficulties in your life? How did you overcome them? Let us know in the comments. Talk to you next time!

Key expressions

  • go through a difficult situation
  • she’s been through a lot
  • you’ve been through so much
  • overcome obstacles


taking a tumble = levar um tombo

having your heart broken = ter uma decepção amorosa

it’s safe to say = dá pra dizer com segurança

minding your own business = na sua, sem incomodar ninguém

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  • Ana Luiza says:

    Hi everyone! Love reading the comments!

    So I guess most of you have taken a tumble in public once or twice… Join the club! smile

  • Glayds says:

    Parabéns, Ana Luiza!! Eu achei o texto muito interessante.Percebe-se que você realmente tenta explicar o assunto do texto da melhor forma possível. Você se esforça para dar explicações precisas e relevantes sobre o conteúdo. O conteúdo proposto acima me ajudou a relacionar coisas do passado até a época vigente. Adorei!!!!!!!!! Muito obrigado por me enviar conteúdos interessantes.Tenha uma ótima semana e que Deus te dê sempre forças para continuar o seu trabalho que,pelo visto está sendo apreciativo por muitas pessoas e por mim.

  • Glayds says:

    Eu estava dentro do ônibus, o motorista freiou o carro e eu me desequilibrei, daí… caí sentada no colo de um rapaz, mas machuquei meu braço. Now, I take a care with me when I am at the bus. Talking about difficulties situation people go through, makes me remember and i can’t understand how many people can survive with Minimum Wage in Brasil. I think these people are heroes because all we need to eat, to drink and have a good life are very expensive, so many people can’t buy what they need to have a good and a healthful life. God bless their lives and their patience.

  • Vera Graña Cruz says:

    Actually I’ve fallen in public and it was funny, I laugh to everybody who was wachting me around… the best was once when I was having a dinner out and when I was leaving I crashed my face against a glass panneled door,  ‘cause the glass was very thin and I couldn’t see it , besides I’ve had drunk some caipirinhas, hahahaha…. In these situations I use to laughing a lot…
    Now, broken heart I’ve never went through, ‘cause before facing it,I stepped out, that’s always my shield, I forecast the situation. Hugs

  • Nicole says:

    I don’t remember having faced this embarrassing situation on taking a tumble in public, on the other hand, I trip on things a lot, although I haven’t fallen, at least in public, I always do the best we could do, just laugh about ourselves, hahaha wink

  • Glauciene says:

    Oh! I almost forget: I also have fallen in public a few times and what I do everytime… I laught! I think it is a funny situation and there is no other thing to do.


  • Glau Ribeiro says:

    Hello Ana!

    This subject is very interesting because what is an difficult situation for somenone probably isn’t for another person. For example, I have a friend that doesn’t like to speak in public. She hates when she has to talk for lots of people. On another hand, I love it! I really like when I have to talk in public about some subject that I really known.

  • Ricardo says:

    Queria Ana, Obrigado pela ajuda de sempre!!! É um prazer receber as informações que envia de forma tão pratica e de simples entendimento! God bless your Life and your dreams!!!

    See U …


  • Camilla says:

    Hi, Ana Luiza, glad to see my suggestion here… very nice podcast … Well, I’ve faced difficulties in my life, the last most significant was a disappointment in love and it took me a long time to overcome, but I’m fine now … And taking a tumble in public…definitely yes, like almost everybody, but we need to get it over, right?

    • Lakesha says:

      Posts like this make the intrneet such a treasure trove

    • http://www./ says:

      I do accept as true with all the ideas you have offered to your post. They’re really convincing and will certainly work. Still, the posts are too brief for newbies. May just you please prolong them a little from subsequent time? Thanks for the post.

  • Ana Luiza says:

    @Lucia Thanks smile
    @Maria: I’ve had the same experience as you..
    @Rogerio: I agree, it is funny! I’m thinking of the last time I fell.. I tripped on something. My sister was with me and she didn’t laugh but I did.. it was kinda funny

    • Nelly says:

      Hey,das ist echt eine tolle Idee. Dafür stelle ich gerne meine Emiaaldresse zur Verfügung. Und wer weiß, vielleicht ist ja doch noch das eine oder andere dabei, was in den Newsletter vorgestellt wird.Wo kann man denn sehen, wo bereits Geld hingespendet wurde?

  • Rogerio Batalha says:

    Hi Ana,

    Thanks God, I’ve never fallen in public in my life, but I’ve seen some people taking a tumble and I have to say, some of that situation are very funny.
    Talking about difficult situation people go through, makes me remember and wonder how many huge difficulties japanese people have been through after that earthquakes.

  • Maria Simone says:

    Excelent! I learn quite well.
    I ever fell. I twisted my left foot. After of fright I raised, hold my head and continued to walk.
    Não sei se é desta forma que escreve, mas foi desta maneira que eu reagi…

  • Lucia says:

    Hi, Ana Luisa!
    Como dizem os meus alunos adolescentes:
    VOCÊ É + QUE D+!!!! lol
    Keep up the good work!

  • Ana Luiza says:

    Oi Bruna,
    Obrigada – já arrumei.

  • Bruna says:

    Oie Ana Luisa, Não estou conseguindo ouvir o audio…

  • >