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Inglês com Cartoons #65: 3 for the price of 1

By Ana Luiza | Inglês com Cartoons

Mar 18

Hi, everyone! No cartoon de hoje, como sempre, temos uma imagem com uma fala, perguntas e um exemplo. Você usa a imaginação para dar suas próprias respostas em inglês nos

Inglês com Cartoons #65 Perguntas

 (a) Are these women related, friends, or strangers to each other? Essas mulheres são parentes, amigas, ou não se conhecem?

 (b) Are they going to take advantage of this special deal?  Elas vão aproveitar essa promoção?

 (c) What are they gonna do after leaving the store? O que elas vão fazer quando saírem da loja?

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 Minhas respostas

(a) They’re related. They’re fraternal twins (non-identical twins). Elas são parentes. Elas são gêmeas não idênticas.

(b) The woman on the left is. She’s gonna buy a total of twelve dresses. The woman on the right isn’t. She’s just egging the other woman on. A mulher à esquerda vai. Ela vai comprar doze vestidos no total. A mulher à direita não vai. Ela está só botando pilha na outra.

(c) They’re gonna go back to their homes. Elas vão voltar cada uma para sua casa.


                 E você? Quais seriam as suas respostas?

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E aqui vai o PDF com o cartoon anterior – the Black Forest cake – com
todas as respostas (editadas quando necessário) para quem quiser

  • Osvaldo Jr says:

    a) They are just friends and both are in the same store.

    b) One of them, the woman on the right is. And she’s telling to her friend about the special deal.

    c) Both women have a party and they intend to go there. It’s Saturday! No work, no stress for now, just a party to enjoy. The clothes will be important. They also want to meet some guy lol.

    She’s gonna buy a total of twelve dresses. The woman on the right isn’t.

  • Magda says:

    a) They are strange to each other. And They are both trying to steal the dresses of each other, because it’s cheaper. The special deal is unmissable.
    b)Yes, They are take all the advatange as much as they can. They are think call all of their friends to go to enjoy this specail deal.
    c)Well… They are gonna come back to their home and wait their husband arrived from work and invited them to hang out with her. So They can wear her new dresses.

  • Luis Gomes Neto says:

    a – these women are friends and are always looking for a great deal.

    b – They’ll buy many dresses, t-shirts and skirts.They’ll spen all their money

    c- They will be hungry and go to a snak bar.However, since all their money ran out, they will have to go home and have a lunch.

  • junior buxexa says:

    in the truth it is alone, to another one is a doll.

  • Renata de França says:

    A- They are a best friend to each other and they could not lose this opportunity.

    B- Of course they are, this is a dream any woman.

    C- To their homes, they’ll check in their closets some clothes to give homeless.

  • Elisabete says:

    Women are so happy in the store.
    They are talking about dresses models on big sale that day.
    They don´t know each other.
    They are gonna go back to their homes.

  • Elaine says:

    My answers:
    1) I think they are friends.
    2) Yes, they are. I think they have watched on Tv when they saw it.
    3) I think they’re gonna go back to their homes.

  • rob says:

    They don’t live here, they live in a big place named Sómuérélse. In this place they are boss, queen, entrepeuner, etc., and they like buying many stufs. They are consumers and used to purchese things and put in theirs wardrobe.
    They watch on television: there is a great promotion in another place far away from here! They thinking about, it has been too bear to think about things and don’t purchese specially 3 for 1.
    It happened yesterday and today they are here to take advantage of increbible clearance sale.
    After that they come back to the home and put everything in the wardrobe.

  • zelia says:

    1-I think. They are strangers each other.
    2-Yes, they are. They are going to take advantage of this big sale or big deal at that day.
    3- I think. Each is going to their house and never more will go if see again.

  • Ira says:

    1- They don’t know each other. They just met at the store and started a small talk.

    2- They’re gonna have a fight over the same dress. They’ll choose one that is the last of that color and pattern.

    3- After a heated argument they’re gonna be arrested on a charge of “disrespect for authority” since the security guard will call the police and those two women will yell at them.

  • Daiane says:

    a) They are strangers to each other.
    b) Yes, they’re need clothes to go to parties.
    c) The woman on the left is gonna to her home. The woman on the right is gonna to restaurant.

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