Podcast: I’ll ring that up for you!

By Ana | Podcast Inglês Online

Apr 11
Inglês - Podcast I’ll ring that up for you!

O podcast de hoje fala sobre a expressão ring up.


Hi, what’s up? This is Ana Luiza with a new episode of the inglesonline podcast. To download or just listen to other episodes and download transcripts, go to inglesonline.com.br and click Podcast

I'll ring you up nowLast week I took a little vacation and spent a week in New York City. This was my first time back in New York City after ten years. And, of course I thought of Inglês Online and Inglês Online readers while I was there and… There are gonna be some pretty nice surprises for readers in the next few months. So sit tight, stick around and enjoy the blog in the meantime.

Today I wanna talk about an expression I heard a lot while I was shopping. Guess what it has to do with? It has to do with paying for something at the cash register of a store. I heard it on my first day in New York, when I went to an electronics store to buy an mp3 player.

So the store clerk pointed me to the player I wanted and when I said “I’ll take it”, she said “OK. I’ll get you rung up”. Again, she said “I’ll get you rung up”. So just to recap, here’s a little grammar for you: the word “rung” I just used… that’s the past participle of “ring”, r-i-n-g. So, it’s ring, then the past form is rang, r-a-n-g, and the participle is rung, r-u-n-g.

So the participle is what I’m using… is what the store clerk used when she said “I’ll get you rung up”.

Again: the way she said it, “I’ll get you rung up”, can’t really be translated in a literal way into Portuguese, so I’ll give you a few alternatives that mean the same thing. The store clerk could have said “OK, I’ll ring you up now” or “I’ll ring that up for you”. “that” is the mp3 player, right? “I’ll ring that up for you”.

So, what does that mean… “I’ll ring you up” or “I’ll ring that up for you”? That usually means you and the store clerk will walk over to the cash register, and then the clerk will record the sale, and let you know what the total is, and then you give them the money, or your credit card… And after charging you, the clerk will give you a receipt, which is your proof of purchase. So that’s what “I’ll ring you up” or “I’ll ring that up for you” means.

So you go into a store, and after you’re done selecting the items you wanna buy, you may walk over to a cash register so that a clerk can ring you up. Or maybe the store guy has just helped you find what you were looking for, and he says “I’ll ring you up when you’re ready”. That means he knows that you may want to look at other stuff to buy but, when you’re done, you can just let him know you’re done and he will ring you up.

Like I said before, the clerk may also say “I’ll ring that up for you”. Let’s say the store guy sees you hanging around the store with three mp3 players in your hands. He may ask you “Is that all?” and if you say yes, he may say “I’ll ring those up for you”. By ‘those’, he means ‘those three mp3 players’.

The first time I heard the expression “ring you up” or “ring something up” was on ESL Podcast. Here’s the web address: eslpod.com. Go over to their website and type the word “ring” into the search box and you’ll see a list of all podcasts that include this word. I think there are at least four podcasts with the expression “ring something up”.

So next time you’re in a store or restaurant, and someone says I’ll ring that up for you… you know what they’re talking about.

OK. Changing topics: I’d like to suggest a reading to you guys. It’s a post by Denilso de Lima, and it’s called Preocupações com a Pronúncia em Inglês. Just go there and read it. Of course we all want to speak well and be understood, right? For example, if you think the past form of ‘bring’ is ‘bróguiti’, you’d better go to thefreedictionary.com or some other place where you can hear the right pronunciation. And then just go do a lot of listening to help you internalize that and other words, because that kind of mispronunciation can harm your communication. But sometimes people can get caught up in stuff that, in my experience, really doesn’t make any difference practically speaking, such as how to pronounce ‘man’, singular, versus ‘men’, plural. So just go over to Denilso’s blog and read that post and see what you think.

Alright, that’s all for today. Talk to you next time!

Key expressions

  • I’ll ring that up for you
  • I’ll ring you up now


sit tight = (um dos significados) espere um pouco, aguarde

stick around = fique por aqui

in the meantime = enquanto isso

it has to do with = tem a ver com

harm = prejudicar

caught up in stuff = se prender a certas coisas (geralmente detalhes)

Eduardo Gomes 29/08/2013

Olá, Ana. Eu acho que você colocou o áudio de “Vamos rachar a conta” no podcast de “I’ll ring that up for you”
Estava ouvindo hoje no celular e reparei este erro.

See you!

    Carlos 25/01/2016

    O audio ainda está trocado, mas o link para baixar o mp3 está correto.

      Ana 27/01/2016

      Obrigada! Corrigido.

Ana Luiza 09/05/2011

Edson – já está disponível! Veja lá no menu superior.

Edson 09/05/2011

Pessoal, não tem como disponibilizar os Podcasts via feed/iTunes?


Ana Luiza 25/04/2011

Hey, everyone!

@julio – you may be right!

julio 23/04/2011

Ola, gosto do sítio e gostaria de dizer que acho que sei o porquê da expressão “ring you up” etc. Acho que tem haver com aquele barulhinho de caixa registradora quando o caixa a abre para colocar e dar seu troco. Faz um “prrrriiiinnnn” então acho que ring you up quer dizer que (como vc explicou) o caixa vai finalizar a compra, ou seja, vai fazer (lhe dar) o barulhinho, ou ainda, vai get you rung up. : )

Ailson 19/04/2011

I has liked this site. It helped me very on my english study. So, after read the posts and heard the podcasts, I feel me able on the listening and reading. I am planning to go to the canada in the end of year.

Joao Fonseca 14/04/2011

Hi Ana, I did enjoy your ring it up expression, just today talking to friends one of them asked how do you say, queda de braço, I said iron man arm game, is that correct? please at your earliest conveninece whenn it feasibel give a reply. tks.

Robson 14/04/2011

Hi Ana… I’m very fan your.
That’s funny, cause you’re strange for me, but I’ve heard your podcasts and improved my English, this is it!
My exemple: Five days ago I was buying two t-shirts in a store, but I bought a red one and the guy of the store rang me up in box a blue one… but I’ve just come home when I could see it.

I guess there aren’t many errors.

Alright, that’s it…

Eduardo 13/04/2011

Where can i have text like these? Are there more text into this site?

Joao Fonseca 12/04/2011

I did enjoyed that one,  just outstanding.

Júnior 12/04/2011

Ana, porque ele/a usou o verbo get e porque o verbo RING foi usado no pssado? Obrigado.

Ana Luiza 12/04/2011

@ Roberto – glad to know!

@ Gleison! Please send me an email.. I’ll do my best to help

Hi Magda, obrigada. O Jeff me inspirou bastante – realmente ele consegue explicar tudo de maneira simples.

Gleison Celente 12/04/2011

I’m sorry Ana, I haven’t read the note above about it being forbidden to post anything different of the lesson, so i’m sorry again.
Gleison Celente

Magda 12/04/2011

Eu gosto muito de escutar o Jeff, do ESL Podcast, pois ele e muito claro para explicar e para mim e um dos melhores podcasts com native speakers, porem gostaria de te dizer que voce tambem e a melhor que conheço aqui do Brasil.  Parabens.

Gleison Celente 12/04/2011

Hello Ana, How are you doing? I’m going to New Zealand next year for a month to study English and to practice the several kind of sports it has, however I don’t know if it’s enough time to improve my English, so I would like to know what you think about it, I mean, I’ll spend so much money, because it’s so expensive and I’m afraid of that is not as viable as I hope. I’ll take English classes for two weeks and after that, I’ll travel to know everwhere. Take your time to answer me, ok? Have a great week.

Roberto 11/04/2011

Ana, muito obrigado por este trabalho, vc tem me ajudado muito. Mto obrigado mesmo.

Twitter: @ROBERTOxSxO

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