Podcast: Tearing up and crying

By Ana | Podcast Inglês Online

Jun 28
Inglês - Podcast Tearing up and crying

O podcast de hoje fala sobre expressões relacionadas a choro e lágrimas smile


Hi, how’s it going? This is Ana Luiza with a new episode of the inglesonline podcast. To download or just listen to other episodes and download transcripts, go to inglesonline.com.br and click Podcast Inglesonline.

So last week I was listening to one of my favorite podcasts… It’s called Wait Wait… Don’t Tell Me! and it’s set up like a quiz show where every episode they have two or three famous guests on, and listeners can call in, and all the participants have to answer questions about a certain topic, and there are prizes… It’s a funny show, so it’s a nice one to listen to. And there’s a cool thing about this podcast, which is, although it is not made for learners of English, there are transcripts available for parts of the show. So if you want to check out Wait Wait… Don’t Tell Me!, go to inglesonline.com.br, look up this episode of the podcast and you’ll find a link to Wait Wait… Don’t Tell Me!

So I was listening to an old episode last week and they were talking about a group called Men of Tears. So men in this group… they get together and, basically, they cry. Many of the participants haven’t cried since they were little boys, some of them have never cried, so they get together and revisit sad memories and then, they express their sadness through tears. This group’s philosophy is the more men cry, the less anger and violence in the world.

So, first of all, what do you think about that? Honestly, I think it’s a great idea. And I think that American men may have a harder time crying than Brazilian men. I think Brazilian guys cry a little more often than their American counterparts. What do you think? If you’re a guy, when was the last time you cried? And if you’re a woman, do you remember seeing men cry?

Anyway, I thought I’d present you guys with some expressions concerning tears and crying. They’re not depressing, though, so don’t worry. Let’s start with movies. Have you ever cried watching a movie? OK, if you’ve never cried… have you ever just teared up a little while watching a movie? I’m talking about tearing up. Tearing up is not the same as full-on crying; tearing up is just when… a few tears start forming in your eyes. Some people tear up when they watch a touching commercial… What about you?

Here are a few movies that are generally thought of as tear-jerkers. What is a tear-jerker? A tear-jerker is something, usually a movie, that is guaranteed to make most people cry. Do you remember the movie Ghost, with Demi Moore and Patrick Swayze? That’s a tear-jerker. E.T. the Extraterrestrial is probably one of the best-known tear-jerkers in movie history. What is YOUR favorite tear-jerker? Do you even have a favorite tear-jerker?

So let’s say that… maybe you watched these movies and didn’t cry at all. Not a single tear. Or, maybe you teared up a little. Or maybe you were really touched by the story. You were so moved that you cried like a baby. That means you cried a lot, and you probably cried for a while. You cried like a baby. That’s a very common expression – someone might tell you “John and I went to see Xuxa e os Duendes and he cried like a baby! He was really moved.” You know… it happens.

We can also say that John cried his heart out. He cried his heart out. He was sobbing throughout the entire movie. He cried his heart out. So here are my questions for you: Have you watched these movies? Ghost, E.T. and Schindler’s List. These are all famous movies.  So if you have watched them, what was your crying situation by the end of each one of them? Did you not cry at all? Did you tear up a little? Or did you cry like a baby? Let us know in the comments.

Here’s one more expression that I find kinda funny: bored to tears. Let’s say you had class this morning, or read the first chapter of a new book last night, and it was so incredibly boring that you were almost sleeping with your eyes open. So you could say that the class bored you to tears, or that book bored you to tears. It was so boring, so boring, that you started tearing up. Of course that doesn’t usually happen, it’s an exaggeration, but.. it’s a good expression, bored to tears. OK, talk to you next time!


Link: Wait Wait… Don’t Tell Me!


Key expressions

  • tear up
  • a tear-jerker
  • cry like a baby
  • cry your heart out
  • bored to tears



full-on = de verdade, total

touching = comovente

are generally thought of as = são geralmente considerados

moved = comovido, emocionado

sobbing = soluçando

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Olá Ana….gostaria de fazer uma pergunta e uma sugestão.

Pergunta: Moved = comovido, emocionado é a mesma pronúncia do passado de Move =mover, mudar, deslocar, mexer, transferir, caminhar?

Sugestão: Pq com as Key expressions, vc não faz o mesmo que com o Glossary —-> coloca a tradução ao lado?

Beijos e parabéns pelo blog

Carol 19/04/2012

I’ve never watched these movies you said. But I used to tear up a little watching some movies, and they even don’t need to be so touching. I think I’m moved really easily.
About things that bore me to tears: read Literature books, those which we must read to do the Vestibular exam, bore me to tears. I love reading, but those books… They really bore me to tears.
This podcast was amazing! I’m very happy because nowadays I can understand almost everything you say without reading the transcriptions. Two months ago I understood only little parts. Maybe it means that my listening is being good.

Sorry if I made some mistake in this comment. I’m trying, rs.
Thanks for all, Ana.

Luis 30/09/2011

I not a emotional guy, so it’s hard for me to cry.

A few months ago, I read “Inquietudes na poesia de Drummond” and this book bored me to tears.

However, I really love reading Carlos Drummond de Andrade poems!

Veronica Neves 21/07/2011

Guess I’m too young to remembering these movies. But I always cry watching Glee, and drama movies. When I whatched Marley and Me, and Earthlings, I cried like a baby!
When I see Master Card’s commercials I get bored to tears… rs

This podcast was amazing!

Ana Luiza 20/07/2011

Thanks for all your comments and examples smile

@bruno – faça o que vc puder.. Se no momento é 2x por semana, é isso! Mas o que acontece é que quanto mais exposição vc tem, maiores são os resultados.

Aline Gabriele 14/07/2011

Definitely, your podcasts will never tear me up because all of them are so interesting!
Thank you! smile

Gabriel 12/07/2011

Hi Ana!
I loved this podcast!
I don’t cry easily but recently i cry because i missed my girlfriend! I cry like baby!!This blog is helping me a lot the learning English!

sandro 11/07/2011

i hardly cry in public..but once in a while, when i watch a touching movie…i easily tear up a little although i try to dissemble a bit….

Ricardo 10/07/2011

What’s up?!

I’d want to say how interesting I think this website is, congratulations! I’m sure it have helped my English learning a lot. I like very much reading the articles and mainly listening to the podcasts. Keep it up!

So, concerning of the tears, I don’t use to cry, althought some people say me it is good too. I prefer to cry from hapiness. hehe

Have a nice Sunday!! Hugs.

Marília 05/07/2011

I’ve just found your website and I just can’t stop listening to your podcasts. They’re amazing and I’m learning a lot… you must know… no matter how much of a language you know… you never know everything…. I’m loving it… thanks a lot

I’d like to suggest you a topic: the word “Absolutely” may be confusing for learners since its translation into portuguese has the opposite meaning…. it might be interesting


steffani 05/07/2011

oiie,depois q tirei 10 na prova de inglês comecei a me entereçar mas na materia, entao entrei n seu site e amei ANA vc manda muitto bem!!!!

bRUNO 05/07/2011

Hi ana!
So   depois que li todas as suas dicas sobre como aprender ingles , estou tentando segui-las como foram ditas, espero que eu tenha resultado.  Não estou ouvindo os podcast todos os dias, mas creio que as 2 vezes por semanas irao dar algum resultado, estou certo?
Otimo site!

maludecks 03/07/2011

how nice is this podcast. Congratulations!
I liked your comments, and the movies that you said, i have to say that i cried in all of them…
I think i cry like a baby in every movies about love, or, i dont know, every tear-jerker (its why they are tear-jerkers, isnt it? haha)
So, congratulations, and keep teaching!

Diolene Lang 01/07/2011

Ana Luisa, I always cry watching movies, specially when I am in “TPM”, I cried a lot whatching Hachiko and “Um amor para recordar” and “Uma prova de amor”. I love your voice, sometimes is boring to listen something in English because the voice is not so good, but yours is perfect

Eric 01/07/2011

I’m a emotional guy, but i hardly ever cry while i am watching a movie. i torn up seeing “Toy story” because of my passion for children, and it really touched me. the only one time that i cried seeing a movie was watching “Forrest Gump”, but not only because of the film, but also strongly because of the terrible moment i was living over my life.

*if i made a mistake, please, correct me! i don’t mind.

Juliana Rocha 01/07/2011

Hi Ana.
I always cry when I watch Marley and Me, and sometimes I tear up when I watch a touching commercial. There’s also a documentary about the Doutores da Alegria that in some parts I tear up, in other ones I cry, it’s a very touching movie, I recommend.
Bye bye.

Ana Luiza 30/06/2011

Hi everyone,
Obrigada por todos os comentários – adorei os exemplos.

@Maria: procure “Como ter progresso na fluência” na barra lateral e comece por lá. Talvez vc se interesse pelo Curso Básico? Clique lá na barra lateral para saber mais.

Nivaldo Leôncio 29/06/2011

Adoro esses podcasts. Aliás queria te parabenizar por esse método tão bacana de ensinar inglês. Fico ansioso todas as quartas-feiras pra saber sobre o quê será a nova lição. Obrigado. abração!

Wellington Mota 29/06/2011

Yes. I’ve alredy watched a movie called “Seven Lives” with the actor Will Smith, and I was very much muved when he waived his life to dodate organs to those people. I know it’s a sin to waive life itself but, that was one of the most moving scene i’ve ever wotched before. And of course I tear up a lot but, as my wife was siting by my side, I tried to fake it a litle bit. Hehehehe…

Maria 29/06/2011

Ola Ana, como gostaria de aprender ingles mas parece que é um bicho de sete cabeças..rsrs
Falo italiano e aprendi sozinha mas o ingles não consigo já entrei e sai varias vezes de cursos de ingles e nada..Me ajuda por favor gostaria muito de aprender mas não sei por onde começar…Um abraço

Valeria N. Gonçalves 29/06/2011

Hi Ana. I’m very emotional and as Julio, I tear-jerk when I watched “Hachiko: A dog’s story” (Sempre ao seu lado), and every time I watch this movie, the feeling is the same.
Bye, see you.

Julio D. 29/06/2011

Hi Ana, nice podcast.
I don’t cry often but I always tear up, even with touching commercials.
The last tear-jerk that I watched(and teared up a lot xD huahuaha) was ‘Sempre ao seu lado’.

Rogerio 29/06/2011

Hi, Ana! I just love this show!

Magda 29/06/2011

Voce e maravilhosa para explicar.  Cada dia te admiro mais.  Parabens.

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