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Podcast: He flew off the handle

By Ana Luiza | Podcast Inglês Online

Jul 12
Inglês - Podcast He flew off the handle

O podcast de hoje fala sobre a palavra FLEW.


Hey, what’s up? I’m Ana Luiza, with a new episode of the inglesonline podcast. To download or just listen to other episodes and download transcripts, go to inglesonline.com.br and click Podcast Inglesonline. So today we have episode two in the series where we talk about past forms of verbs that end in -ew. Last week, last episode I talked about blew, and on this one I’m gonna talk about flew. Flew, f-l-e-w. So if you haven’t yet completely internalized the pronunciation of the word “flew”, this is the podcast for you. Pay attention to all the examples, and notice every time I say that word.

Let’s get started: flew is the past form of fly. Birds fly, planes fly, Superman flies… So let’s say this weekend a bunch of your friends are flying in to spend time with you. “They’re flying in” means, they’re coming to where you are by plane. So your friends Jack and Steve flew in this morning. Jennifer flew in last night, and Mary is flying in later today. One more time: your friends Jack and Steve flew in this morning and Jennifer flew in last night.

And here’s a nice saying: Time flies when you’re having fun. We kinda say the same thing in Portuguese, right? Time flies when you’re having fun. So when we wanna tell someone that we were having such a good time doing something, we can say something like “Time flew by”. Or when you’re doing work that requires intense concentration, you know? Time usually flies. An example: counting sheepI started preparing for an exam in January. There was so much to study. Time flew by and before I knew it, I was on my way to take the exam.

Another one: my friends and I went to the beach last weekend. It was so much fun.. time flew by and before we knew it, it was time to come back. So tell me: when was the last time you were so involved in what you were doing, that time flew by? Or maybe you were having so much fun, you were enjoying it so much, that time flew by and you didn’t even realize it? Maybe you were spending time in the company of friends? Watching a great movie? Cooking? Taking an exam? Counting sheep?

And here’s one more informal expression using fly: when someone flies off the handle, that means this person has suddenly become very, very angry. Example: My dad flew off the handle when I showed him my report card. Again: my dad flew off the handle when I showed him my report card. You know, report card? That’s the card with all our school grades. So one more time: my dad flew off the handle when I showed him my report card. He flew off the handle. What is a handle? What does handle mean? Well,
it has a few different meanings, and one of them is… a handle is the part of an object where you put your hand… so, that’s easy to remember. You grab the handle and then you move the object, or you carry it with you. For example, a door has a handle. Some bottles have handles, a cup has a handle. It’s the part where you put your hand, and, you know… you grab it and then you move the object. So that’s the handle.

So back to that expression: fly off the handle means to get furious all of a sudden. Here’s another example: we were waiting in line to be seated in a very busy restaurant, and at one point the hostess told the couple waiting in front of us that their table would be ready in another thirty minutes. When this guy heard he was gonna have to wait another 30 minutes he just flew off the handle at the hostess, and the thing is, it wasn’t really her fault but the guy just couldn’t contain himself. He had probably been waiting there for a while, so… Anyway, he flew off the handle after the hostess let him know that he would still have to wait.

The last time I saw someone fly off the handle was… at the airport. About six months ago, I was waiting in the checkin line and I heard the airline attendant tell a passenger that his suitcase was over the weight limit and he had the pay the overweight fee. This guy went nuts. He was so angry that he yelled at the poor woman. In other words, he really flew off the handle.

So what are your stories this time? Tell us about the last time someone flew off the handle because of something you told them… or the last time you flew off the handle! And tell us about the last time you were taking an exam, or talking to someone, or watching a movie, and you were so into it that time just flew by. Talk to you next time!

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Key expressions

  • time flies when you’re having fun
  • time flew by
  • he flew off the handle


before we knew it = quando a gente percebeu

counting sheep = contando ovelhinhas

report card = boletim

you grab = você segura, agarra

went nuts = enlouqueceu

  • Fabiano says:

    Last week this lady tried to get into a super market without wearing a mask. She was turned away and that´s when she flew off the handle at the security guard.

  • Lucia says:

    At the moment I’m on vacation but I will start working on a couple of day so I realized that time flew by, unfortunatelly.

  • sandro says:

    every time i m havin fun time usually fly by….i have once flew off the handle when i was makin my way back home so i saw two stray dogs lost on the street…

  • Hi, Ana Luiza.

    Everytime I’m watching my favorite series on TV, the time flies by and when I notice I’ve already forgot to do important things.
    The last time I saw a person fly off the hands was when my best friend discovered his boyfriend was cheating her. She went nuts!
    And the last time I flew off the hands was when I was walking the street and I saw a woman beating a poor dog without any reason.

  • Flavio says:

    Wonderful podcast!

    When I’m on vacation, unfortunately, the time flies by.
    Always I need to work on weekends, I fly off the handles.

  • maludecks says:

    i’m always flying off the handle… haha

  • Vera Graña Cruz says:

    In fact I’ve been studying for a test and time took long ot flew by, but time flies by when I’m having fun.
    When I don’t achieve a good grade I fly off the handle after being studying for so long.

  • Vera Graña Cruz says:

    Oi Ana segue texto do UP novamente, como vc pediu:

    Eu entendi alguns phrasal verbs mas nao todos…

    Upon my word!
    We all seen to be hung up on up. We put up with, use up, come up, butter up, line up, punch up and belly up.
    Houses are opened up, lighted up, warmed up, cleaned up and closed up. Boats and speeded up, slowed up, tied up and laid up.
    If we are mixed up, we must hurry up and shape up or we’ll be fouled up.
    And, heaven help us, we drink up with 7-Up.
    If you think up other examples, don’t call me up. I’m up the wall with up. I give up!

    Thelma Wilson Cook
    Reader’s Digest

    *O pior é que realmente eles falam assim!

    • Cristiane says:

      Oi, Ana!

      Eu também entendi alguns, mas vc poderia me fornecer uma tradução?


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