Podcast: Como terminar uma conversa em inglês (quando o outro não para de falar!)

By Ana Luiza | Podcast Inglês Online

Feb 29
Podcast Como terminar uma conversa em inglês (quando o outro não para de falar!)

How’s it going?

Nesse episódio do podcast Inglês Online a gente fala sobre como pedir licença e terminar uma conversa quando você precisa (ou quer) ir embora.


Hi, all. How’s everything? Today we have a new episode of the inglesonline podcast. To download or just listen to other episodes and download transcripts, go to inglesonline.com.br and click Podcast Inglesonline.

So here’s an interesting topic for our podcast: you’re having a nice conversation with someone, either face to face or on the phone, and all of a sudden you realize you’re late. You have an appointment, or you gotta be somewhere else very soon. Or, you simply realize that, for whatever reason, you’re kinda done with this conversation and it’s time to end it, but the thing is… The other person won’t stop talking. Today’s podcast is about presenting you with several different ways to get out of a conversation, you know, without being rude or unpleasant.

And the inspiration for this episode came from an HP newsletter that someone forwarded me. You know HP – Hewlett Packard, the technology company? They have a newsletter where they talk about their products and other stuff, and on this particular edition, they were… There was this business tip with a list of things you could use to say goodbye to someone who won’t stop talking. For this podcast I’ve selected my favorite ones, but I’ve also included the link to the original newsletter article at the bottom of this post, in case you wanna check out their other suggestions.

So imagine you’ve been talking to this person for a while, and now it’s time to go. He or she has been talking incessantly and you’re just waiting for a pause! When they finally take a breath, here are a few things you can say:

  • Well, Michael, it’s been wonderful talking to you! or OK, Catherine, it’s been really good talking to you; or
  • I really enjoyed meeting you!; or
  • Thank you so much for your time! It’s been so helpful talking to you; or even
  • Hey, it’s been great to catch up! See you around.

The last one was very direct; right? You’re telling the person you appreciate the conversation you guys just had and then you’re saying goodbye. In all of the above examples you’re signaling the other person that you’re ready to say goodbye. You could also indicate that you would like to continue at a later time. For example, you could say…

  • That is very interesting. I’ll need to think about it, but I’ll be in touch; or
  • Great! So we’ll see each other on Friday, or next week, or at that conference in April, right?, or
  • Look, I really have to go now but I’d love to talk more about this. Can I call you tomorrow?

So these are all very nice ways to wrap up a conversation, while at the same time conveying that you’re interested in what the other person is saying and would like to hear more about it.

Yet another way is just being honest about why you need to leave. Maybe you don’t mind sharing your reason for saying goodbye, and you could use one of these:

  • Sorry! I really have to leave for the airport now, but it’s been great talking to you!; or
  • I’m sorry, I have to run now – I’m late for a meeting. Here’s my business card. Let’s keep in touch!; or
  • I have just seen someone I need to talk to. I gotta catch her before she leaves. Will you excuse me?

So when was the last time you had to excuse yourself from a conversation? What did you say? Me… it was a phone conversation and I had to get some work done, so I just said “I need to get some more work done before noon. Can I call you later?”

Let us know about your experiences. Talk to you next time!


Key expressions

Ways to end a conversation



for whatever reason = qualquer que seja a razão

you’re kinda done with  this conversation = pra você, essa conversa meio que já deu

to convey = expressar



About the Author

Ana Luiza criou um blog de dicas de inglês em 2006, e depois de muito pesquisar o que faz alguém ganhar fluência numa segunda língua, criou seu primeiro curso de inglês em 2009.

  • […] as if you had an “a” between the S and the M: “criticisam”. OK, so for the second time I’m using a newsletter issued by technology company HP, or Hewlet Packard, as inspiration. This time what caught my eye […]

  • Paulo Guilherme says:

    Hi Ana, there is no more words to thank you. Your lessons help me everytime!

  • […] an “a” between the S and the M: “criticisam”. OK, so for the second time I’m using a newsletter issued by technology company HP, or Hewlet Packard, as inspiration. This time what caught my eye […]

  • Edilza says:

    I’ve loved your podcasts! I’ve been had very difficult for writte because I don’t have with whom practice and here until the comments I’ve been learning practice my writing skills. Thank to you, Ana! This podcasts have been important for me, mainly because they are free and is very difficult have websites of this measure free. Thank you very much!

  • Jeremias Alberto Pinto says:

    quero aprender esta lingua com a melhor qualidade do mundo

  • Raymundo says:


    I meant: EXPRESSION

  • Raymundo says:


    Would you translate again the expresson “You’re kinda done with this conversation” ( from Podcast “Como
    terminar uma conversa em inglês” )? Thanks,


  • Wanderley says:

    The last time i had to excuse myself from a conversation was tomorrow. I was on the phone and the person that i talked, he speaks a lot and my ear started to hurt, so all i said was: “I’m so headache that i can’t really understand what you are saying… I’m sorry, but can we chat tomorrow? I promess i’ll send you a sms!” haha =D


  • @julianinhamatos says:

    One of your best podcasts, Ana… Congrats!
    So, the last time I had to excuse me for wrapping up a conversation was last night. It was very late and I was so tired… My only wish was to take a good shower, find something to eat and jump into my bed, but my neighbor saw in the hall and we greeted each other and started to talk. So, after some minutes I said: ” Oh Dayane, how time flies! I need to come in now… Visit me tomorrow, good night!”.

  • Jeff says:

    Hello Ana!!

    I had to excuse myself from a conversation when I was talking on the phone at work.

    It was around at midday when a woman called me and all of a sudden she’s started to make me lots of questions, I really had to excuse from that conversation because actually I was so hungry hahahahaha! I told her: I really have to go now but I’d love to talk more about this. I’ll call you later ok? In fact I’ve never talked with her before.

    Great podcast!

  • Vanessa says:

    Thank you so much for this podcast!! Sometimes it is difficult to get out of a conversation.. It will be very helpful in the future!!!

  • It’s too easy to improve our English skills listening these podcasts, I love it!

  • João Paulo says:

    Hey teacher, what a wonderful post! You always come up with something helpful. Whenever I’m looking for something new and intersting I can find it here. I’m improving a lot my english skills and your website is a gold source of information. Keep up the good work, teacher!

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