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By Ana Luiza | Podcast Inglês Online

Mar 29
Inglês - Podcast That’s a no-no

Hi, everyone. What’s up?

Nesse episódio do podcast Inglês Online eu falo sobre duas expressões com keep, e mais uma super informal e coloquial.


Hello, all. How’s it going? Today we have a new episode of the inglesonline podcast. To download or just listen to other episodes and download transcripts, go to inglesonline.com.br and click Podcast Inglesonline.

Today we have two expressions with the word KEEP, and a third expression that doesn’t have the word keep. These are all very, very common terms in everyday conversation, so let’s get to know them and see how you can use them. The first one has to do with remembering something.

Let’s say that you’re on your way to someone’s dinner party with a couple of friends. You say “I heard Cindy is a fantastic cook! Can’t wait to try her food. I’m starving!” and one of your friend replies “I’m not sure who’s cooking tonight. It could be her sister Mindy, who is NOT a good cook! So, keep that in mind”. What does that mean? That means “keep in mind that Mindy may be cooking, not Cindy”. Remember, as you’re about to eat, that the person who made the dishes may not be Cindy, who is a fantastic cook, but Mindy, who’s… not that great a cook. Keep that in mind. Remember that. Keep in mind that the food may not be as good as you expect.

More examples? Imagine that you just moved to the United States and you’re on your first day on a new job. Your boss, who’s also Brazilian, but likes speaking English with you, says “Now that you work for an American company, keep in mind that being late for meetings and presentations is a no-no”. What is “a no-no”? That’s something people are not supposed to do. They shouldn’t do it. If something is a no-no, just don’t do it. Avoid it. In general, if you do something that is considered a no-no, you’ll attract a lot of attention upon yourself, or you will be reprimanded in some way, or you will get a fine… you get the idea.

So what is your Brazilian boss telling you? He’s telling you to keep in mind, to always remember that being late for work meetings and presentations is a no-no. Keep that in mind! Always keep that in mind. In Brazil we are usually more tolerant of lateness than Americans, so, actually if you’re thinking about moving to the US, keep that in mind: lateness is not as well tolerated in the USA as it is here. It’s a no-no in that country.

high heelsSo, what kind of behavior would be considered a no-no in Brazil? Wearing high heels to the beach comes to mind. I think wearing high heels to the beach is definitely a no-no. I mean, you’re not breaking any laws if you do it, but it’s probably going to be very unconfortable and the sand may ruin your shoes, and… high heels are definitely not suited for the beach. So, I think wearing high heels to the beach is a no-no. You would have to be crazy to do that. You shouldn’t do it. Going to a meeting with your company’s CEO wearing shorts and Havaianas is a no-no. Don’t do that! That’s a big no-no. That shows lack of respect and professionalism, and depending on the company it may get you fired.

Our last expression for today is an interesting one… another set phrase with the word keep. Let’s say you and your teammates are at a meeting with the VP of Marketing discussing a project in order to get her approval. She gives her approval and then says “This project will directly impact our marketing strategy so I need to be informed of everything that’s going on with it. Please keep me in the loop” So the VP of Marketing is asking you guys to keep her in the loop. Please keep me informed of everything, let me know what’s going on, cc me on the emails, keep me in the loop. To keep someone in the loop means to make sure that this person is kept informed about all the news related to something.

Maybe you’re chatting with your two friends Mary and Jane about going to Mexico for a week next month. Mary is very excit ed; she’s game, she’s definitely going to Mexico with you. Jane isn’t so sure because she doesn’t know whether she’ll be able to get a few days off next month. She really wants to go, though, so she says “Guys, I really wanna go to Mexico so please keep me in the loop”. That means “When you exchange emails, cc me. When you start looking at hotels and plane tickets, I wanna know all about it. If you meet again to discuss the trip, let me know and I’ll come too. Please keep me in the loop” Jane isn’t sure she’s going to Mexico, but she wants her two friends to keep her in the loop.

So give us your examples of no-nos, in your opinion. Is going to a birthday party without a gift a no-no? Is being late a no-no? Let us know in the comments. Talk to you next time!


Key expressions

  • keep in mind that
  • a no-no
  • keep someone in the loop



comes to mind = é algo que vem à mente, é um exemplo que me veio

get a fine = levar uma multa

sandy = com areia, cheia de areia

she’s game = ela está dentro

cc (someone) = carbon-copy someone on an email, so that they’ll get the message even though they’re not the main recipient



About the Author

Ana Luiza criou um blog de dicas de inglês em 2006, e depois de muito pesquisar o que faz alguém ganhar fluência numa segunda língua, criou seu primeiro curso de inglês em 2009.

  • Gabriel says:

    Hi Ana!

    Definitly, go to wedding wearing shorts and tshirt is a no no!

    Great podcast!

  • Roberta Ghion says:

    Go to work with a low-cut clothing It´s no-no in Brazil

  • Diana Pimenta says:

    Going to the Carnival in Bahia with skirt is a no-no !!! ;)
    Great podcast!!
    Im really improving my English thanks to you Ana!

    • Ana Luiza says:

      haha, agreed! Don’t go partying in Bahia wearing a skirt, unless you’re confortable with strangers feeling you up.

      • Raymundo says:


        Tem surgido abreviaturas cujo significado eu não sei, quais sejam:
        CEO, VP, rsrs, e outras.
        Gostaria que me ajudasse


  • Débora says:

    Being in a birthday’s party and start talking bad things about this one, in my opinion that’s a big no-no. I know people that do it.

  • Stanley says:

    Achei bem diferente “not that great a cook.” , nunca tinha ouvido assim. Só conhecia “not great as a cooker”

    • Ana Luiza says:

      Oi Stanley,
      “Not great as a cook” também é correta (como vc já sabe!)
      Comece a reparar a partir de agora. Não demora e você ouve alguém dizendo “not that good a …..”, “not that great a….”

  • Ana Souza, Vila Velha/ES, Brasil says:

    I think speaking portuguese in an English class is a no-no, for example.

  • Vera Graña says:

    Hi Ana Luiza,

    I’ve been off line lately, but here I’m, well about your tips I can say that going to a social event or business, outdated is a no-no, and being in a business meeting and not knowing the matter, is a no-no, we should be in the loop in business.

    • Ana Luiza says:

      Hi Vera,

      Yep, always good to be prepared when going to a meeting… otherwise, what a wast of time!

  • CASSIANA says:

    Adoro o site e os posts são otimos , estou no 4° ano do curso de inglês , e como só tenho um dia por semana , procuro sempre me manter em contato com a lingua.Por isso sempre acesso o inglês Online!

  • Marco Brainiac says:

    To keep in mind that if you go behind the wheel don’t consume alcoholic beverage, that’s a big no-no.

    That’s one example that comes to my mind

    • Ana Luiza says:

      Good one, Marco.

      Vc pode dizer assim:

      if you go behind the wheel you shouldn’t consume alcoholic beverage, that’s a big no-no.

  • Denis says:

    I think go to the black and white party with a green shirt is a big no-no. Hahahaha, I did it one time. Good podcast.

    • Ana Luiza says:

      hahahaha… I think so! I’ll have to admit to doing it myself! Once I went to a party where all the women were supposed to wear a dress, wearing pants! And that was in the US…I got a few looks. Wearing pants to that party? A no-no, but I wasn’t breaking any laws, so..

    • gil says:

      Denis, be careful on show up in the Corinthians party (black and white) wearing a green shirt. It can be more than no-no.

  • Marcelo says:

    I liked very much this topic. Very useful expressions!

  • Diogo Higino says:

    Hello Ana, that’s great your new podcast. I was thinking about no-no, whether there is something that take me in the nervous is lateness to a meeting. I always like to say before go to a meeting that I’ll always get on time and lateness is really bad for me and take me crazy. Maybe I’m downward of an American.


  • VICTOR says:

    everybody has a dream this is a fact, and if your dream is speak english or “whatever they are”, you most fight about it,
    ‘cos there’s no another ways to be good in something if you do not improve your skills, the better way I found
    it was listening, but human brains works like drawing board,
    if it has not color there’s no grace!
    so, watch things you like, listen things you like to hear,
    and never forget, everything is more clear when you see the colors of
    learning. grateful Victor Vinicius R. Matos

  • Great podcast as always!

  • rita says:

    Your tips are very useful.I have read them and they have helped me a lot.Thanks

  • Hígor says:

    By the way, I adore your podcasts

    ok, about going to a birthday party without a gift … I think that if you have received the invites many or at least some days before the party its very nice and polite giving a gift. However, sometimes our friends decide to do the party in a just in time way and you get knowing about it just in the right day of the celebration, so in that last case I think that there is no problem
    in going to a birthday without a gift. I think thats ok, you can buy another day or something like this.

    please correct my text if necessary

  • luly says:

    vou ver se ouço mais os podcasts.

    apesar de que, meu grande problema é formular as frases corretamente.
    eu te entendo muito bem, mas daí a eu falar em inglês direito…

    • Luly, keep listening! That’s the key!

      • Ana Luiza says:

        You said it, Adir!

        luly, isso leva um tempo, pois é uma lingua totalmente nova.

        Comece com coisas simples. Pense bem: dá pra acreditar que a gente domina uma língua “complicada” como português? Pus complicada entre aspas pois obviamente ela não é complicada demais para a nossa mente… A gente nem sabe do que é capaz. Pense em como aprendeu português… sem mto esforço.. Leia as dicas “Como Falar Inglês” na barra lateral, e converse com o Adir também pois ele tem dicas quentes sobre isso no blog dele.

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