Inglês com Cartoons #88: Sales have risen

By Ana | Inglês com Cartoons

Mar 26

Hi, everyone! No cartoon de hoje, como sempre, temos uma imagem com uma fala, perguntas e um exemplo. Você usa a imaginação para dar suas próprias respostas em inglês nos comentários.

Inglês com Cartoons #88Perguntas

(a) What kind of company do they work for? Para que tipo de empresa esses dois trabalham?

(b) So sales are on the rise. Why?  Então as vendas estão aumentando. Por quê?

(c) What are these two going to do after this little meeting? O que esses dois vão fazer após esta reuniãozinha?

Minhas respostas

(a) They work for a toy company. In other words, their employer makes toys. Eles trabalham para uma empresa de brinquedos. Em outras palavras, o empregador deles fabrica brinquedos.

(b) Because they have launched a very successful line of toy gardening tools! All of a sudden, every kid wants to be a gardener! Porque eles lançaram uma linha de ferramentas de jardinagem que fez muito sucesso. De repente, tudo quanto é criança quer ser jardineira!

(c) Since it’s close to 6 pm, they’re going to head to the nearest pub and grab a beer. Como já são quase 6 da tarde, eles vão para o pub mais próximo tomar uma cerveja.


E você? Quais seriam as suas respostas?

E aqui vai o PDF com o cartoon anterior – It’ll be done in about 10 minutes – com todas as respostas (editadas quando necessário) para quem quiser guardar.

Deborah 13/05/2013

a)They work for a car company.
b)Because they discovered a really economic car, and the market have acceupeted very well this lanch.
c)They’ll going to meet with all the rest of the team involved, to celebrate and finally, relax.

    Deborah 13/05/2013

    At the letter “b”, I mean…
    b)…and the market have “accepted” very well this “launch”.
    My apologizes :)

junkybr 29/03/2013

(a) they working for a energy drink company
(b) and the sales risen because they are on the period of canaval and they sold all stock.
(c) they go out to a party with their girlfriend.

(a) What kind of company do they work for?
They work for a technology company, which’s specialized in selling smartphones (among other produts).

(b) So sales are on the rise. Why?
Because this company has just launched a new kind of smartphone that has become a trend: everybody wants to have it, since it does stuff that the other products in the market doesn’t do. It’s the most poweful and smartest cell phone ever created!

(c) What are these two going to do after this little meeting?
It’s just a preparation to another meeting that it’s going to happen later this day. The other meeting will happen in a couple of hours and will be attended by all the company’s board and even by the president.

Mirelle 28/03/2013

a) They work for a pet shop and they were trying to improve there sales with new kind of products.

b) They bought a new kind of pet toy that shines and make noises.

c) After this meeting they will think about a new kind of bed for pets and still rise their sales.

Andy 28/03/2013

(a) They work for a retail store, the kind that sells utilities for home.

(b) Sales increased because the old moody and authoritarian manager has been replaced by a new manager who knows how to deal with people and with employees, so now all the employees are happy and selling more :-)

(c) They are going to go to a pub for a couple of beers to celebrate the increase in sales.

André 27/03/2013

a) They are Tv producers and they’re working for one of the biggest television net work of Brazil

b) Because they’ve canceled the exibition of their main soap opera and that fool reality show. Now they’ve presented a good talk show, with a funny and intelligent entertainer that always bring good underground musicians, athlet from radical sports and people connected to some kind of Art.

c) Well, they’re going to skateboarding session listening Mos def, pennywise, Kurtis Mafield and black flag.

Débora 27/03/2013

a) They work for a Chocolate Company.
b) Because the Easter period is coming and the majority of people buy a lot of chocolate as if the’ve never eaten that before. :)
c) They are going to eat chocolates to celebrate it, of course. :)

    André 27/03/2013

    I liked so much your idea.
    Funny and sweet!

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