Como falo em inglês: Essa comida não me faz bem

By Ana Luiza | Podcast Inglês Online

Jun 28
Como falo em inglês Essa comida não me faz bem

Hi, everyone. Nesse episódio do podcast Inglês Online eu vou falar sobre três expressões com o verbo agree.


Hi, everyone. What’s up? Today we have a new episode of the inglesonline podcast. Please subscribe to this podcast using the Podcasts app for iPhone or iPad, or listen to the episodes using the Inglesonline Android app.

So today let’s talk about common phrases or terms with the word AGREE. Are you familiar with that word? When you agree with someone, it means that you and this person share an opinion. Let’s say both of you – you and your friend Mark – agree that coxinha is the most delicious snack ever, so you guys are gonna throw a party where only coxinha will be served, yeah. You and Mark have the same opinion on this matter; you both agree. The word disagree is also very common and has the opposite meaning: let’s say you and your other friend Anthony have very different opinions regarding films and theater plays. You’re just crazy about films; you really are a movie buff and, quite honestly, you couldn’t care less about theater. Your friend Anthony is just the opposite: he goes to the theater as often as he can; and doesn’t care much for movies. So you and Anthony disagree about movies and theater plays.

Alright, here’s the first term. My friend Patricia says she doesn’t eat garlic any longer because garlic doesn’t agree with her. When you say some food doesn’t agree with you, you’re saying that it makes you ill somehow… usually in your stomach. So my friend Patricia… she simply doesn’t eat garlic anymore. I think it has to do with a particular occasion when she had some kind of garlic paté and felt really sick afterwards. So she just stopped; she wants nothing to do with garlic. Is there a food that doesn’t agree with you? Anything that makes you feel a little indisposed, maybe nauseous? For me… If I have too much whole milk, you know? Just regular milk, whole milk. If I have more than, maybe, half a cup… I’ll probably start to feel a little nauseous. So I can say that whole milk doesn’t agree with me. What about you?

Here’s another phrase with AGREE, and I love this one: let’s just agree to disagree. I love it, because so often people have different opinions on a particular topic and… again, very often, many people think that it’s some sort of offense if they disagree with someone, especially if it’s a friend. Some people will apologize to you before stating they disagree, and you can tell they feel uncomfortable. Sometimes it becomes awkward between you and the other person just because you disagree. I, personally, am OK when a friend or anyone, really, says they disagree with me. I just don’t think it’s something to be offended about, and that’s why I love this phrase. Let’s agree to disagree. That means, hey… you and I are sort of having a discussion here about this topic, we’re kinda arguing about this and we obviously disagree. You know, we’ve been arguing for a while, you’ve stated your reasons for your opinion, I’ve stated mine, and still neither one of us has changed our mind. We still think what we thought at the beginning of the discussion. So let’s just agree to disagree. Let’s stop this; let’s quit arguing. I’m not gonna change my mind, you’re not gonna change your mind, fine. No problem. Let’s just agree to disagree. I like this because it’s a peaceful way to put an end to an argument that’s going nowhere. And it’s respectful too, I think.

And here’s one more before we wrap up: this one is something you say when you want to express that you fully support what someone else just said. You say I couldn’t agree more. Let’s say one of your friends says “I think every Brazilian kid should be taught how to samba”. You hear that and you say “I couldn’t agree more. I wish they had taught me to samba when I was in school”. You totally agree. I mean, you could have said that yourself. “I couldn’t agree more” is a very popular term. You’ll hear it a lot in films, TV shows, live conversations, interviews, everything. So next time someone says something you fully agree with, you may say “I couldn’t agree more”.

Tell us what your examples for this podcast are in the comments and talk to you next time.


Key expressions

  • ( food) doesn’t agree with me
  • let’s agree to disagree
  • I couldn’t agree more



movie buff = pessoa cinéfila, que ama filmes, sabe tudo de filme, não perde um, etc.

the most delicious snack ever = o petisco/lanchinho mas delicioso do mundo

she wants nothing to do with = não quer saber de; não quer ter nada a ver com

whole milk = leite integral

it becomes awkward = a situação fica chata, desconfortável

to samba = “samba” aqui virou verbo. To samba = sambar



About the Author

Ana Luiza criou um blog de dicas de inglês em 2006, e depois de muito pesquisar o que faz alguém ganhar fluência numa segunda língua, criou seu primeiro curso de inglês em 2009.

  • Carlos Soares says:

    I think all kinds of food do agree with me though, I’ve been avoiding some sort of them you know when you are over the hill, it’s better stay away from fats,sweets,you know,it has been said you are what you eat,for me,I couldn’t agree more but if someone disagree with,I may say,let’s agree to disagree.
    Thank you.

  • Raymundo de Jesus says:

    The fatty part of meat and butter don’t agree with me. I hate them. On the other hand,
    I love pasta and onion.I hated them when I was a kid, but not now. I love garlic as well.

  • Débora says:

    I can say that green pepper doesn’t agree with me. :)

  • Alessandra says:

    Hi, Ana. Thanks for another great podcast. I would say that any kind of pepper doesn’t agree with me at all.

  • Maria says:

    Post bacana. Thank you.

  • Liege Gischkow says:



  • Carol Kotowiski says:

    Hi Ana!
    When you said that whole milk doesn’t agree with you I thought “that makes two of us”. These podcasts are always getting better!

  • Carol Kotowiski says:

    When you said that whole milk doesn’t agree with you I thought “that makes two of us”.

  • André says:

    Hello everyone!
    Well, I don’t eat any kind of meat, so they don’t agree with me.
    Someone said “we shouldn’t argue about football and religion” I couldn’t agree more!

  • Joselaine says:

    Hi Ana! I can say green peppers doesn´t agree with me.

  • Álvaro Felipe de Souza Silva says:

    Hi Ana Luiza! Could i say ‘this meal doesn’t make me well’?

  • Ricardo says:

    I dont know why but if i see the animal being killed , i can not eat the meat at all or even if i see the whole body of the animal been fried or stuff like that,i wave of nausea get me…kkk this countryside way of doing their food doesnt agree with me for sure …kkkbye

    • André says:

      Hi Ricardo!
      I don’t know you, you don’t know me, but I’d like to say it: Maybe you should become vegetarian. Why you don’t try, I recomend, I’ve been it for 18 years.

  • >