Como falo em inglês: O suspeito se entregou

By Ana Luiza | Podcast Inglês Online

Apr 16
Como falo em inglês O suspeito se entregou

Hey, everyone. No episódio de hoje, eu falo sobre tablóides e suas notícias aqui na Inglaterra.


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So last week on my way out of the supermarket I glanced at the tabloid covers, as I always do, and spotted this headline: Millionaire’s killer having his baby. That’s right: this millionaire British guy called Andrew Bush was supposedly killed by an ex-girlfriend, and she now says that she’s pregnant with his baby. But wait! There’s more. Andrew Bush, 48, had a new girlfriend: Maria, a twenty-year-old girl from Russia. So they had been dating for a few months, after he broke up with his former girlfriend, Mayka, who’s 24.

So this girl Mayca is the ex-girlfriend and she’s from Slovakia,  a country in Eastern Europe. So here’s the story on the newspapers: Mayca and Andrew Bush had a relationship for a couple of years and one day they split up. Andrew then went on to date 20-year-old Maria. So a few days ago Andrew and Maria went on holiday to his mansion in Costa del Sol, Spain – but the thing is, apparently the ex-girlfriend Mayca showed up uninvited and shot the millionaire dead. Maria, the new girlfriend, was in the car outside the house when she heard the gun shots. So how do they know Mayca is the killer? Because she apparently turned herself in a few days later in her native country, Slovakia.

She turned herself in –  what does that mean? That means she went to a police station of her own free will, voluntarily, and presented herself for questioning. Well, she probably felt she didn’t have much of a choice, right… Maria, the current girlfriend, saw Mayca at the mansion and there were probably other witnesses as well, so… that puts Mayca pretty high on the suspect list. So that’s what she did after she got to Slovakia: she turned herself in to the Slovakian police. And, there’s more! According to the headline I read last week, Mayca is now saying she’s pregnant and Andrew Bush is – or was… the father. I’m not all caught up on the details so that’s all I know up to this point.

So here’s a couple of examples* I’ve found on the Internet with “turn yourself in”: Richmond homicide suspect turns herself in to San Francisco police. And this one: Woman accused of stealing 300 thousand dollars from church turns herself in. How about a few examples in Brazil? I can’t think of anyone off the top of my head. Can you remember any examples of criminals in Brazil who have turned themselves in to the police? Please let me know in the comments.

So I can tell you that here in England there are quite a few popular tabloids and I remember a Brazilian tabloid called “Notícias Populares”. Is that one still around? So a tabloid is a newspaper, right? But I guess we could say that tabloids give the news in a more sensational, or sensationalist format. Tabloids have more of an entertainment purpose, I guess, then regular newspapers.

What’s the weirdest tabloid headline you have ever read? Let us know in the comments, as always, and talk to you next time!



  • turn oneself in = entregar-se (à polícia)



I’m not caught up = não estou totalmente por dentro

off the top of my head = assim de imediato

shot the millionaire dead = matou o milionário a tiros

of her own free will = por vontade própria


Nota*: O correto seria “Here ARE a couple of examples…”. A maneira como eu falei, “Here’s a couple of examples…”, é muito comum na fala coloquial mas não está rigorosamente correta em sua concordância.



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  • Rochelle says:

    When listening this podcast I remembered of history that happened a few years ago here in Brazil. A big businessman was killed by his wife because him was unfaithful. But was the police investigation revealed who was killer.

  • jonata fontela says:

    Hi Ana,I can’t think of anybody in Brazil who has turned themselves in.I guess no one has done that around here …lol
    another thing I want to say is that I was in my English class and then I said,”there’s a lot of people” and my teacher said that I would have to say “there are….” I always make that mistake because I used to listen to a podcast recorded by a canadian and he said”there’s a lot of people” so that stuck with me,i know that’s ok in speaking but I have to remember not to use that when I’m going to take my exams. :)

    • Ana Luiza says:

      HI Jonata,

      I’m with you.

      Yep, “there are a lot of people” is the correct way, but in everyday conversation it’s common to hear “there’s a lot of people”. :)

  • marizete says:

    obrigada, Ana pelo seu blog .É muito enriquecedor estou aproveitando o máximo.Parabéns e muito obrigada.

  • Elias says:

    In my opinion, here in Brazil, people don’t usually turn themselves in. All kinds of crimes are committed and judging by the laws that there are in our country it is believed you may get away with it. Unfortunately this happens in all walks of life. It’s sad but true.

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